About me

Hello and welcome to Dees World of Wicca. This is where you can find a bit more information about who is behind the blog. 

I am Dee, 40, married mum of three girls. I am a blogger and you can read more about my family life over on Mum on a Mission for a Better Life. We have three dogs who I treat like kids and a grandson, so I’m a nanny as well! 

Me at the beginning of this new journey
Hello - this is me!

I recently reconnected to my roots of Wicca (summer 2020), now that I am older and less influenced by societal norms. So, I decided to make a new blog dedicated to my journey to hopefully educate others and inspire those on a similar journey to my own. 

I have a small online store attached to this blog that sells items relating to Witchcraft. I have also launched a new podcast too as I felt that there was not much choice in terms of UK Wicca/Pagan podcasts. 

Some of my blog posts will contain affiliate links and you can learn more about this here.

As this is a new blog there is not very much content on here as yet, but make sure that you check back often, as I plan on adding at least one new post each week.  

(Updated January 2021)


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