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Beltane correspondence

A comprehensive guide to Beltane correspondence. This guide will keep you well informed and ready for your Beltane celebrations! Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. To learn more about what this means, please click here

Beltane Correspondence



Green represents nature, fertility, prosperity, health, wealth, and abundance. 


Pink represents friendship, love, femineity, affection, and healing.


Yellow represents the sun, happiness, growth, knowledge, communication, and inspiration. 


White represents innocence, healing, purification, peace, cleansing, and divination. 


Brown represents grounding, balance, the home, animals, and stability.



Emerald is a stone of love and healing. It is said to be able to help physical heart problems alongside emotional heartache. Believed to be able to eliminate negative patterns, a perfect stone for confidence and self-love. 


Malachite is a protective stone that absorbs negativity. It can help you find your inner strength and empower you. It is said to increase your confidence and willpower. 


Heliotrope is another name for bloodstone. Bloodstone is associated with new beginnings, living in the here and now, and resilience.  It is a grounding stone.

Rose Quartz 

Rose quartz is a stone of all kinds of love. Romantic love, family love, friendships, and self-love. It promotes emotional healing, helping those that have been hurt in the past to learn to trust again and improves self-esteem. It is also said to aid fertility. 


Jade is a nurturing stone. Traditionally a stone of abundance and prosperity, it is also known for attracting luck and friendship. Jade is also said to be good for matters of love and encourages compassion. 


Rhodonite is said to be a balancing stone that can help keep your emotions stable when facing difficulties. It is said to be good for relationship troubles, bringing the two together to reconnect their love. 

Photo Of Assorted Crystals



Mint is associated with money, travel, love, healing, and dreams. The type of mint can add more effect to the spell, depending on the intent. For example; peppermint is better for travel spells whereas spearmint is better for healing and dream spell work. However, any type of mint can be used for the above spell work.


Mugwort induces clear dreams and psychic abilities. It also offers protection. It is said to be good for banishing, creativity, divination, and guidance. A mild hallucinogenic that induces psychic visions. Use with care as contains Thujone which can be absorbed through the skin. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use this herb. Prolonged use or large amounts can result in serious illness. 


Lilacs are fun protective flowers. They are said to protect the home when grown around the perimeter of the house. They are also said to be good for spells that require a short-term fun romance or for attracting friendships. 


Of course, roses are associated with love, romance, and sex. However, they can also bring luck, and enhance confidence and beauty. They are also said to help make dreams clearer and they are said to be good for truth magick as well. 


The willow tree is associated with the moon, fertility, creativity and inspiration. It is also said to be a protective and healing tree. It has been known as the tree of immortality due to its ability to regrow from fallen branches. 


The birch tree is a symbol of renewal due to how it sheds its bark for new bark. It is also associated with love and relationships as it is said that long ago when people married, they would jump over a birch branch to seal the marriage and begin their new life together. 


Violet is great for protection, wisdom, and love. It is good at dispelling hexes and can be used in wish spells, in divination, and for good luck.


Daffodils represent fertility, new beginnings, and prosperity. They also correspond with self-love and friendship, although some believe them to represent vanity and unrequited love. Not to be ingested as the whole plant is poisonous. 


Ivy has a long pagan history. It is most often used in healing magick, protection magick, and fertility spells. 


Vanilla is often used in love and friendship spells. It also has calming properties so is excellent for healing spells and easing stress and anxiety. Vanilla is also associated with happiness, luck, and beauty. 


Jasmin has the ability to attract your soulmate. It also attracts money and friendship too. It can also help with divination, dreamwork, and meditation.


The Hawthorne tree is the traditional wood for the maypole. It is also said to be associated with fertility, happiness, protection, and the fae. 

Quick reference guide for Beltane correspondence in a box with a pink background and a mint green boarder.
Quick reference guide to Beltane correspondence.



Bees are said to be associated with balance and productivity, miracles, and communication. As bees are known for their strong work ethic you can see why they would be associated with productivity. They also link with balance as they know when to take time to stop and rest too. It is said that the way that a bee is designed means that in theory, it should not be able to fly but as it does it is a phenomenon, thus leading to bees and their association with miracles. The Celts viewed the bees as being linked to the divine, bringing sacred messages. They also felt strongly that bees should be protected and treated as part of the family. Dreaming of bees is believed to indicate that you will have increased luck, prosperity or success. 


Cows are almost universally a symbol of motherhood, nurturing and fertility. In Celtic mythology, the cow is linked to the goddess Bridget who is known as the goddess of hearth and home. It is said that dreaming of many cows in a field means that your finances will increase or there will be a birth of twins or triplets in the family!


Most people think of white doves, but they come in other colours too. The Dove is a symbol of peace and harmony. Celtic people thought that the sound of a dove crying out was to alert them that someone had peacefully moved on from life to death. If you dream of doves it is said to mean that you are divinely blessed and you have good and loyal relationships in your life. 


The frog is said to symbolise a need for clearing out toxins. That could mean that you need to get rid of toxic relationships, or you may need to clean up your home or work on your health. The ancient Celts believed that frogs were symbols of cleansing and healing. 


Rabbits are heavily associated with fertility (think of the popular phrase, ‘at it like rabbits’!). The hare also corresponds with the moon and rebirth. It was once believed that witches could shapeshift into hares so there has been a long association between hares and witches. In Celtic traditions, rabbits would be used for divination purposes. It is said that when dreaming of rabbits, it is mostly positive and symbolises good luck and abundance. However, if you dream of being bitten or scratched by a rabbit then it could mean that one of your relationships is in danger and needs work. 


Traditionally linked to witches, cats are thought to be full of psychic energies. Dreaming of black cats can be a sign that you need to reconnect with your feminine energies. Black cats can symbolise advocacy, standing up in the face of prejudice, strength, powerful psychic ability and beating the odds. 


The goat symbolises abundance, scapegoating, conquering obstacles and protection. The goats’ horn was first used for the cornucopia which is why goats are related to abundance. The term scapegoat has been used for so long as goats were often sacrificed in rituals. The horns and the goat’s natural instinct to ram at anything that threatens them is why they are linked to conquering obstacles. If you dream of two goats butting heads it can mean that you need to ram your way through difficult challenges. However, if you dream of a goat on a mountain, it can mean that you may need to find your footing in a relationship.


The swallow symbolises love, partnerships, happiness and home. Once two swallows have successfully mated, they stay together in their nest working together, devoted to each other and the home that they have made for their family. If you dream of swallows building a nest it can mean that you will have success finding your next home. Generally dreaming of swallows means that good things are coming your way. 

Food and drink

As with most Pagan celebrations, food and drinks are important for the day. Bread, dairy products, and green salads all correspond to Beltane. As do oats, honey, strawberries, and cherries. Wine and lemonade seem to be popular choices for drinks for Beltane. 

Combining these foods with some of the edible herbs and spices listed under herbs/incense is a great way to celebrate Beltane. You could make a Beltane cake using cherries and Vanilla. How about a Beltane breakfast of porridge oats drizzled in honey and chopped strawberries? Use your imagination and you are sure to come up with some great ideas to feast on!

Spell work

Being known as the ‘sex sabbath’ of course sex magick is brilliant for Beltane. It is also a great time for spells concerning fertility, relationships, love, handfasting, and friendships.

The sun is shining and we are heading towards summer, so it is a prosperous time of year making prosperity spells also highly appropriate for Beltane. With so much creative energy in the air, it is also a great time for self-improvement so any spells or journaling to make yourself feel better is another good choice for Beltane. 

Free Beltane Correspondence Sheet

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