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Beltane magick

In this post, I have searched the internet for the best Beltane magick spells and rituals for your Beltane celebrations. For other Beltane-related posts, check out my dedicated page here

Beltane rituals

Learn Religion has a group Beltane bonfire rite which looks like such a fun ritual to take part in. I think that the atmosphere must be amazing! Although this year it is unlikely that groups will be able to get together, you could always take note for years to come. 

Another great ritual from Learn Religion is the Beltane Sacred Feminine Goddess Ritual which can be performed by men as well as women. It is to honour the feminine aspects of the earth as well as our female ancestors. 

Aquarian Soul has a lovely Beltane ritual bath which looks simple but very relaxing. Great for when you feel like you need some self-care while still honouring the day.

Renee Reddfox has a Beltane May tree ritual which is also lovely and would be great for families to participate in. She also talks about using a symbolic tree in the home if you can not get out to a real one. 

Love, sex, and fertility

With Beltane being known as the ‘sex sabbath’ it is the perfect time to do some sex magick. Tina over on the Magickal spot blog has a blog post all about sex magick.

The lovely ladies over at Wicca Now have a love charm spell to attract your one true love. It involves quite a few ingredients and knot magick but looks really good for those wanting to find new love. Probably better for those who are a bit more experienced. 

Self-love is just as good as any other type of love magick on Beltane. The Otherworldly Oracle has a post with three self-love spells. 

Friendship also falls under this category at Beltane so here is a spell from Samatha Mars to make new friendships. It is a simple candle magick spell that just needs a pink candle. 

Tina from the Magickal spot also has some useful fertility spells for anyone who is trying to conceive that may well be worth a look. 

Bird, Nature, Wing, Sky, Flight, Stork, Flying, Elegant
Babies conceived at Beltane were believed to be very special


Beltane is also a time for self-improvement so here are some spells to help with typical areas that people choose to improve. 


The traveling Witch has some very good advice and a warning for those wanting magick to help with losing weight. It is well worth a read!

More confidence

Samatha Mars has a really easy self-confidence spell. Using a brown candle, cinnamon, and apple oil. 

Getting stuff done!

Magpies Magic Nest has a spell jar for getting sh*t done. Needs a few ingredients but easy to assemble. 

Abundance and prosperity

I have a money spell here on the blog which I wrote myself and have seen some really good results from. It is quite involved but any experience level can perform it. 

Grasswood witch has a money spell which they recommend is performed on either a Thursday or a full moon. 

Victoria Crossman has a simple herb burn spell for prosperity which is perfect for beginners.  

Money, Coins, Cash, Banking, Currency, Economy

So there you have 15 Beltane magick spells and rituals to choose from for your Beltane celebrations. 

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