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Carnelian: Crystal Magick

This post is part of the blog series – crystal magick. In this post Carnelian crystal is discussed, properties are listed and magickal uses are also touched upon. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here

Carnelian crystal explained

Carnelian is a reddish-orange or reddish-brown crystal that comes from the Quartz family. It has been documented as being used by the ancient Egyptians to protect the souls of their departed on their way to the afterlife some 4,500 years ago. The Egyptians called Carnelian the stone of Isis and would place the stone on the throat of the dead to signal to Isis to help guide their spirits. 

Nowadays, it is commonly referred to as the “artist’s stone”. This is because it is especially good at drawing out a person’s creative skills. There have even been suggestions of modern famous singers using these crystals before they perform. 

Carnelian should be kept out of direct sunlight as it can fade the colour. In fact, some miners use this as a technique to lighten the darker Carnelian stones as they are more profitable. It is said to be safe to use in water and moonlight. 


Carnelian is associated with the fire element and the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. The sun and Mars are the planetary connections and the connected zodiac signs are Leo and Virgo. Carnelian corresponds with Lughnasadh and Samhain on the Pagan Wheel of the year

Carnelian crystal chips

Carnelian crystal properties

  • Enhances creativity
  • Attracts money
  • Gives courage
  • Boosts energy
  • Helps you stay motivated
  • Said to boost metabolism
  • Helps you make positive career choices
  • Can help ease depression

Magickal uses

  • Use in spell bags and bottles for spells concerning career, confidence, abundance, and creativity.
  • Wearing or carrying Carnelian can increase confidence.
  • Place in the south side of your home to welcome in an abundance
  • Wear as a pendant to speed up your metabolism

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