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    Samhain magick

    In this post, we have searched the web for the best Samhain magick spells and rituals so that you can pick what best suits you this Samhain.  Table of Contents Samhain magick Ancestor summoning spell.  The witch of Lupine Hollow has a really easy ancestor summoning spell for Samhain. You just need a black candle and then salt, pictures of ancestors that you would like to connect with, tarot cards,  and yew branches are optional extras.  To get rid of unwanted habits Tina over at Magickal spot has some Samhain spells and rituals and one of them is all about getting rid of unwanted habits. You only need a cauldron…

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    Litha magick

    In this post, I have searched the internet to find you the 10 best Litha magick spells and rituals for all your Litha celebrations. For more posts about Litha check out my dedicated page, here.  Litha Magick Midsummer sun ritual Learn Religion has a lovely simple candle ritual that is for a group but can be adapted for solo practitioners.  A solstice ritual Sage Goddess has a powerful visualising ritual for the summer solstice which can be done alone or in a group.  Litha charm for success Jess Carlson has a fantastic charm bag spell for using the sun’s energy at Litha to aid in manifesting success for the rest…

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    Beltane magick

    In this post, I have searched the internet for the best Beltane magick spells and rituals for your Beltane celebrations. For other Beltane-related posts, check out my dedicated page here.  Beltane rituals Learn Religion has a group Beltane bonfire rite which looks like such a fun ritual to take part in. I think that the atmosphere must be amazing! Although this year it is unlikely that groups will be able to get together, you could always take note for years to come.  Another great ritual from Learn Religion is the Beltane Sacred Feminine Goddess Ritual which can be performed by men as well as women. It is to honour the…

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    Ostara magick

    This post highlights some of the best spells to be performed on or around Ostara on the web. Ostara is all about growth, fertility, and balance. Eggs are a major Ostara symbol so expect to see a lot of egg magick! Ostara Magick The girls over at Wicca Now have a lovely uplifting Ostara ritual which sounds like a lovely way to start the day, although they do say that it can be done at any time. It involves using a decorated egg, raw amethyst, and some candle magick.  Learn Religion has an Ostara ritual that involves candle magick and making an offering. It is a beautiful way to give…

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    Money spell

    In this post I explain the money spell which I did, giving clear instructions so that you can do it too should you wish. I also share my own experience of using it and the results which were really good.  A word of warning I was not sure about posting this spell as I do not want people to think that I making things up and offering clickbait with the promise of riches through magick. At the same time, I know how hard it can be when money is tight (or non-existent) so knowing that this works I felt it was only right to share with others who may need…

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    Yule magick

    This post lists information on the best spells and rituals for Yule that could be found on the web. Perfect for all your Yule magick!  Yule specific spells The Witchy stuff has a spell bottle for Yule positivity. I love spell jars and this looks like a nice easy one for new witches. Magical recipes online have a wishing spell that draws on the power of the evergreens.  This spell looks quite complicated so probably better for witches who are more experienced. It looks at manifesting your greatest wish for the year ahead.  The witch of Lupin Hollow has a fire and ice renewal spell which looks really good. Using…