Earth element

Welcome to another part of the elemental mini-series. So far, we have looked at Fire, Air, and Water. Today we will look at the earth element, correspondence, and ways to connect to the element. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. To learn more about what this means, please click here

The earth element

The earth is our home. We live on it, grow food in it, and use it for resources. Without it, we could not exist but it can crush and suffocate with its weight if in large amounts. Earth is strong and sturdy but also needs protection from us humans and all of our pollution. 



Cardinal direction – North

Pentagram direction – Lower left

Time – Midnight

Season – Winter

Star signs – Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. 

Charka – Root

Planets – Venus and Saturn. 

Tarot – Pentacles, and coins. 

Colours – Greens, Browns, and Black. 

Animals – Bears, Stags/deer, Wolf, Cow, Dogs, and Moles. 


Quartz – Clear Quartz is a fantastic stone that can be programmed with your intentions. It has the ability to absorb negative energy and store it until cleansed. At the same time, it can amplify positive energy and boost other crystals which is why it is often included in crystal grids. 

Emerald – Emerald is a stone of love and healing. It is said to be able to help physical heart problems alongside emotional heartache. Believed to be able to eliminate negative patterns, a perfect stone for confidence and self-love. 

Onyx – Black onyx promotes strength and stamina. It is a grounding stone and is said to help you make good decisions. It is also known as a calming stone. 

Jasper – Known as the ‘supreme nurturer stone, Jasper is a protector. Said to clear electromagnetic and environmental pollution. Jasper is believed to reenergise those who are ill and balances energies. 

Azurite – Azurite clears and balances the mind. Believed to remove negativity and heals the brain from being overstimulated by modern technology. 

Amethyst – Amethyst is a protection crystal that can draw out and absorb negative energy from you. It is known as a sleep aid and can help relieve migraines. It is perfect for helping you move forward and can enhance psychic ability.

Moss Agate – Moss Agate is a grounding stone. It is said to attract stability, abundance, and prosperity. Believed to help you connect with nature and open up opportunities for new beginnings. 

Tourmaline – Black Tourmaline is a protective stone. Thought to ground and connect you to the earth. Believed to increase confidence and empower you. 

Tree Agate – Tree agate is a grounding stone that is said to improve family and friend connections. It is believed to attract prosperity and can help with problem-solving. 

Jet – Jet is another grounding and protective stone. It is said that it protects from negative energy and can help people resolve past difficulties.  

Person Tossing Globe, the earth


Oak – Oak is associated with endurance and victory. It also symbolises the oak king from the pagan story of the oak king defeating the holly king, on or around the winter solstice. 

Cedar – Cedar is a protective wood that also repels insects. It is believed to be associated with wealth, healing, and cleansing. 

Ivy – Ivy has a long pagan history. It is most often used in healing magick, protection magick, and fertility spells. 

Primrose – The primrose flower is said to symbolise kindness. Oil of primrose can be used for cleansing and it is said that having primroses in your garden will attract the fae. 

Patchouli – Patchouli is most often used in love and fertility magick. The patchouli scent can act as an aphrodisiac. It is also useful in prosperity spells, protection magick, and communication.  

Magnolia – Magnolia plants can be used in spells for love, emotional balance, loyalty, and luck. Magnolia oil is believed to aid relaxation and improve self-love. 

Moss – Due to its fast-growing nature, moss can be used in abundance spells and luck magick. It can also be good for protection and spells to calm a situation down. 

Barley – Barley is a harvest symbol. It can be used in protection magick, love spells, and healing magick. 

Honeysuckle – Honeysuckle is associated with prosperity magick. The scent of the Honeysuckle flower is said to make people feel more generous and stay faithful to loved ones. If you have honeysuckle growing in your garden, it is said to protect your home from thieves. Burning honeysuckle incense is believed to induce prophetic dreams. 


  • Strength
  • Growth
  • Empathy
  • Stability
  • Fertility
  • Prosperity
  • Motherhood
  • Natural

Landscape Photography of Black and Gray Mountain - the earth

Altar representation

  • Green candle
  • Earth crystal
  • Bowl of salt
  • Pentacle
  • Soil
  • Piece of wood

Connecting with the earth element

If you want to call on the elements in your magick then it is important that you connect with each of them. Here are some ideas of ways that you can connect with the earth element. 

Touch it!

Walking on the earth with no shoes or socks so you can feel the earth under your feet, is a great way to connect with the earth element. Sitting down on the earth (or lying) and meditating is another way to connect. 


Being outside and putting your hands in the earth can make a really good connection. As children, we are often told not to touch the ground as it is dirty. However, in order to connect with earth, we need to play in it, so working on your garden if you have one, is a great way to do that. 

Earth element altar

Dedicating your altar to the earth element for at least two weeks is another way to connect. Use items from the altar representation list and sit at your altar for at least ten minutes each day. When you sit at your altar, think about how important the earth is and how thankful you are that we have it. 

Ley lines

Ley lines are quite controversial. Some believe, others refute them. The more I research, the more confused I get! However, if you are a believer of ley lines then visiting a site where the ley line is, could be another way to connect to the earth element. 

If you have not heard of ley lines before, they are invisible energy lines that connect spiritual monuments, stone circles, and other ancient structures. In the 1920s Alfred Watkins named these lines ‘ley’ lines. Since then, there has been much debate about if they are real or not. 

Earth element magick

  • Maintaining a magickal garden
  • Working with crystals 
  • Working with herbs and plants
  • Prosperity spells
  • Healing magick
  • Spells related to growth. 

Woman Holding Brown Basket With Yellow Flowers bare foot on the earth

I hope that you have enjoyed this post about the earth element.

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