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February Full Moon – Snow Moon

This post is part of my Moon Magick series. In this post, the February full moon will be explored. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here.

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The Snow Moon

The February full moon is known as the snow moon. Although, there are other names that some people use as it much depends on your location and what you prefer to use in your practice. Other names include; Hunger Moon, Quickening Moon, and Storm Moon.

It is believed that the name snow moon was chosen due to there being more snow in the month of February than in other months. As our climate has changed over the years, for England we do normally get snow towards the end of January early February so that may now ring true for us today. The name hunger moon was given due to the stores running low by this point and our ancestors feeling the pain of no food. 

Living magickally with a February full moon

Part of living a magickal life is to connect with the energy of each full moon with ritual. A ritual can be almost anything as long as it is something that you associate with the February full moon each year. Here is a list of suggestions that you may like to incorporate into your Snow Moon rituals. You can do just one thing, or many and you have a three-day window. The full moon evening and the day before and after as well.

Eat light to feel as our ancestors would

I would not normally recommend not eating much but if it is just for one day, I see no real harm. It would be a good way to connect with how your ancestors would be feeling. Just eat some fruit and bread and think about how that feels and how much we have to be grateful for in modern times, rarely going hungry. 

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Reset and implement change

After setting goals or resolutions in January, you may feel flat as you did not manage to follow through as you had hoped. The great thing to remember is that we live in a circular world, not linear. Therefore, this is a great time to think about what barriers stopped you from succeeding and make plans with actionable steps that you can follow to meet those goals this month. 

Get creative

February can be the month that cabin fever sets in as we have been in the dark and cold for so long but we are nearly at the point that the earth starts to warm and things start to grow and with that, more daylight to get outside. As a way to combat boredom and connect with the February full moon, do something creative. You could write poetry, paint, or craft. Anything that gets those creative juices flowing. 

Magickal jobs

Collect snow water, charge your crystals and make moon water. Also, don’t forget about any spellwork that you may have been planning. 

Februarys full moon correspondence


Purple – Purple is often associated with magick, psychic abilities and the astral plane. Purple candles are often used to aid meditation, dreamwork and strengthening connections with other realms.

Pink – Pink is often associated with friendship, love, femineity, affection, and healing. 

Blue – Blue represents calmness, protection and the perception of things. 

White – White is known for divination, healing and innocence. It also represents cleansing, peace and purification. 


Rose Quartz – Rose quartz is a stone of all kinds of love. Romantic love, family love, friendships, and self-love. It promotes emotional healing, helping those that have been hurt in the past to learn to trust again and improves self-esteem. It is also said to aid fertility. 

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Amethyst – Amethyst is a protection crystal that can draw out and absorb negative energy from you. It is known as a sleep aid and can help relieve migraines. It is perfect for helping you move forward and can enhance your psychic ability.

Jasper – Known as the ‘supreme nurturer’ stone, Jasper is a protector. Said to clear electromagnetic and environmental pollution. Jasper is believed to re-energise those who are ill and balances energies. 

Snow Quartz – Also known as milky quartz. It is associated with wisdom, support, and clarity. It helps you to learn and let go of things that overwhelm you. When used in meditation it is said to promote a deeper spiritual link. As with clear quartz, it has healing properties and can be programmed. 

Herbs and Incense

Myrrh – Myrrh is a resin that is great for cleansing and purification. It also works well with other herbs to break hexes or heal the sick. 

Sage – Sage is probably best known for its cleansing and purification uses, often used for smudging. However, it is also associated with healing, prosperity, dreams, and intuition. 

Willow – The willow tree is associated with the moon, fertility, creativity and inspiration. It is also said to be a protective and healing tree. It has been known as the tree of immortality due to its ability to regrow from fallen branches

Mugwort – Induces clear dreams and psychic abilities. It also offers protection. Good for banishing, creativity, divination, guidance. A mild hallucinogenic that induces psychic visions. Use with care as contains Thujone. It can be absorbed through the skin. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use this herb. Prolonged use or large amounts can result in serious illness. 

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Wood Pecker – The woodpecker is a symbol of determination, it will not give up pecking at the tree until it has completed its goal. Full of drive and endurance. Woodpeckers are also very much linked with communication. Their tapping can sound like morse code, so they symbolise active listening and working out what messages are being given to you. When dreaming of woodpeckers knocking on wood it is said that you need to stop, listen and take notice of what is happening. If you catch a woodpecker in your dream, you need to focus on yourself and find your voice. 

Bear – In Celtic mythology, the bear would often be called upon at the winter solstice to give safety during the darker months. The Bear was thought to symbolise guidance and protection so bear claws would often be used for talismans.  

Beaver – The beaver symbolises being a good worker who works hard and is full of productivity. When dreaming of beavers it is a sign to stop procrastinating and spring into action! 

Spell work

  • Creativity
  • Reflection
  • Change
  • Fresh beginnings
  • Abandoning bad habits

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