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Free Beltane art for your altar

In this post, I show you the free Beltane art I made that you can download and print for your Beltane altar. I also show you my Beltane altar too. 

Free Beltane art

If you pop over to my freebie library you can grab yourself a PDF of the images I made. I have put them all on one sheet and then each one on a separate sheet so that it is easy for you to select which one you like and only print what you need. 

I thought that you could either put it in a frame or stick it to some card so that it stands upright and then you can display it on your altar. If you do use any, I would love to see your altar with the art on it. Feel free to email me a pic or tag me on Instagram so I can see. 

Free Beltane image of a maypole with children dancing around it.
Maypole Beltane
Free Beltane image. Black and white heart made from flowers
Flower Beltane
Free Beltane image. A fairy silhouette in the grass
Fairy Beltane
Free Beltane image. A maiden outline wearing a floral crown
Maiden Beltane

My Beltane altar 2021

I have decorated my altar using the following items. 

  • White bows
  • 2 white taupe candles
  • A yellow spell candle
  • 2 green and one yellow birthday candles
  • A white altar candle in a marble green holder
  • A cauldron
  • 2 Rose Quartz crystals
  • A Rhodonite crystal
  • 2 Bloodstones
  • A Jade stone
  • Vanilla incense
  • A black pentagram decoration
  • The maypole art
A Wiccan altar decorated for Beltane 2021
My Beltane altar

I hope you like my altar and print-offs. If you head over to my Instagram I have a reel that shows a close-up of the items on my altar. 

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