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Wheel of the year,  Wicca

Imbolc activities

Imbolc is the first of three sabbaths that occur in the spring on the wheel of the year. This post contains ideas and inspiration for Imbolc activities so you can celebrate the changing season. 

Bake bread

The Celtic goddess Brigid was the goddess of hearth and home. Therefore baking bread for Imbolc would be a traditional Imbolc activity. 

Fire scrying

Fire scrying is a form of divination. You focus on the flames in a fire or a candle and see what shapes you can see and interpret what they mean. 

Walk near a river

It was said to be good luck to toss a coin into a well, river, or fountain on Imbolc as an offering to Brigid and to make a wish. While out walking soak in as much sunlight as possible and look for signs that spring is on the way.

Take a milk and honey bath

Milk is strongly associated with Imbolc due to the animals giving birth and feeding their young. Taking a milk and honey bath is a great way to celebrate Imbolc and is highly relaxing too!

Make a Brigid doll

To honour Brigid, and bring luck, and fertility into the home, a corn doll would be made. There are many great ideas for making your Brigid doll using a variety of materials available online. I particularly liked the one from cut out and keep, made using wool.

Make a Brigid bed

To accompany the corn doll, it is usual to make Brigid a bed. Again there are lots of ideas available online to do this. Brigid should be laid in the bed on the eve of Imbolc.

Imbolc activities quick reference guide
Imbolc activities quick reference guide

Make a Brigid cross

The Brigid cross acts as a talisman of protection for your home. It can also be used as an Imbolc altar decoration too. They are traditionally made from reeds but there are lots of alternative ways to make them if you can not get hold of any. I really like this tutorial from Colorful Crafts as it has really easy step by step instructions. 

Spring clean your home

Imbolc is a time for purification and putting plans into action so you can see where the term ‘spring cleaning’ comes from. Give your home a good clear out and you could even give your home a cleanse at the same time by burning some sage. 

Make Brigid cakes

Again, Pinterest has been a treasure trove of information and I found recipes for Brigid cakes. They seem to be an oaty bread, I have never seen anything like them before. 

Make oatcakes

Scottish oatcakes are a popular choice to make at Imbolc too, as Brigid was known for being a fan of oats. 

Priapic wand

Make a priapic wand to place next to Brigid in her bed for fertility. To make the wand you strip off the bark from a stick and then glue an acorn on one end. Use ribbons to wrap around the acorn and stick in the colours which relate to Imbolc. Leave the ends of the ribbon hanging down on the end of the wand and attach mini bells to the ribbons. 

Candlelit room(s)

As Imbolc is a fire festival a simple way to enjoy Imbolc would be to decorate a room or rooms with candles. Make sure that you are safe though, as you do not want to set your home alight!

Imbolc guided meditation

Youtube is fantastic for finding guided meditations. Try an Imbolc guided meditation like one of these that I found.

Body of Water at Daytime, river, Imbolc activity
Walking by a river is a great Imbolc activity

Imbolc tarot spread

Use your tarot deck or oracle cards to give yourself an Imbolc reading. There are many different spreads to choose from but I like this one from Victoria Crossman.

Plan your garden

Traditionally farmers would use Imbolc as a time for planning their crops for the coming year. You could also use this time to plan your garden, even if you only have a window box of herbs, it is still useful to plan ahead and think about what you would like to grow. 

Decorate your altar for Imbolc

If you have an altar then a great Imbolc activity is to decorate your altar according to the seasons. For Imbolc some ideas for decorations are;

  • Brown, yellow, white, and green candles.
  • Ribbons in the same colours.
  • Crystals that relate to Imbolc. 
  • Pictures or ornaments of lambs/sheep, swans, cows, and goats. 
  •  Flowers that are associated with Imbolc such as snowdrops and daffodils. 
  • Poetry.
  • Seeds.
  • Related incense and herbs.
  • Cauldron.
  • Besom.

Free Imbolc activities page

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I hope that you have found these Imbolc activities useful. I would love to hear your thoughts so do leave me a comment or share on social media if you have time.

Blessed be xx

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