Imbolc correspondence images such as bread, white candles, lavender, and amethyst.
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Imbolc correspondence

A comprehensive guide to Imbolc Correspondence. Looking at colours, crystals, herbs/incense, food, animals, and spell work. The post finishes with a free correspondence page to download. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here

Imbolc colours


White represents the winter which is now fading. In candle magick, it represents divination, healing and innocence. 


Green represents the new plants that are in the early stages of awakening. It is also the colour of Brigid’s cloak who is the deity most associated with Imbolc. In candle magick, green represents money, health and growth.


Brown represents growth such as the soil in which the new plants and crops are growing in. In candle magick, it also represents the home, animals and stability. 


Yellow represents the warmth of the returning sun who is with us for a little longer each day, bringing new life with the light. In candle magick yellow also represents happiness, inspiration, knowledge and growth

Crystals for Imbolc


Amethyst is a protection crystal that can draw out and absorb negative energy from you. It is known as a sleep aid and can help relieve migraines. It is perfect for helping you move forward and can enhance your psychic ability. 


Garnet is associated with energy, creativity, and eliminating negative energy. It is said to inspire you and help you reach your goals. It is also said to alleviate depression.


Turquoise can help spark creativity and help you manifest your ideas into being. It is also a stone that brings calm and is known to aid fertility.  


Heliotrope is another name for bloodstone. Bloodstone is associated with new beginnings, living in the here and now, and resilience.  It is a grounding stone. 


Ruby can improve motivation and the practice of setting realistic goals. It encourages laughter, happiness, and passion for life. It promotes positive dreams and aids the removal of negative energies from your path.


Black onyx promotes strength and stamina. It is a grounding stone and is said to help you make good decisions. It is also known as a calming stone. 

Quick reference guide to Imbolc correspondence
Quick reference guide to Imbolc correspondence



A member of the parsley family, angelica acts as a protector. It can break hexes or curses which have been put on you and is also used in exorcisms. 


Basil can help bring prosperity and also helps with happiness, calmness, and love. 


Bay leaves are well known for wishing spells. You write your wish on a bay leave and set your intention for the wish to come true. You visualise that it has come true and then burn the leaf. Bay is also great for love, protection, and prosperity.


Myrrh is a resin that is great for cleansing and purification. It also works well with other herbs to break hexes or heal the sick. 


Associated with purifying negative energy, enhancing memory and concentration, and promoting love/lust. Additionally, sleeping with rosemary under your pillow is said to prevent nightmares too. 


Lavender can be used to attract love or friendship. It promotes calmness and happiness and is often used to aid good sleep. 


Another herb that can relax you and aid in good sleep. It also attracts money and can be used in love spells. 


Used for purification, frankincense is a cleanser. It can also help to lift your mood and is good for meditation. 


Jasmin has the ability to attract your soulmate. It also attracts money and friendship too. It can also help with divination, dreamwork, and meditation. 


Olive leaves can help with healing, lethargy, and keeping the peace. 


As with all of the wheel of the year celebrations, seasonal fruit and vegetables are important as we celebrate the seasons. Milk and dairy play an important role in Imbolc as it represents the mother animals feeding their newborns. In fact, it is an old tradition to pour some milk or cream onto the earth on Imbolc to toast the earth and welcome the spring. 

Seeds are also important as they represent the growth that is to come. Oatcakes are another traditional Imbolc food and Brigid cakes (an oat bread) are another good choice for Imbolc too. 

White-and-green Snowdrop Flowers Close-up Photography
One of the first signs that spring is on its way!



The Robin is one of only a few birds that can endure the harshness of winter so they are a symbol of endurance. They also symbolise new beginnings and happiness. They are fierce protectors of their families, so they are often associated with good parenting, caring and nurturing. It is said to dream of a robin is a sign of good luck and that new positive transitions will be coming your way.


Sheep are very much linked to Brigid the goddess of midwifery, creativity, hearth and home. In symbolism, the sheep is often tied to conformity. White sheep often symbolise innocence or children while black sheep are said to be the ones that leave the flock and do things differently. It is said that if you dream of sheep or lambs, it could mean that you are being led astray by someone who has charismatic energy or is in a position of authority. If you dream of sheep wearing clothes, you need to be mindful of who you trust as there could be a wolf hiding amongst your flock.


The swan is linked to a few deities such as Brigit and Lugh. In Celtic mythology, it was believed that spirits could take the form of swans and that they could travel between the realms in pairs. The swan symbolises beauty and grace along with endurance and persistence. It is said that dreaming of a white swan means that you will be having a romantic encounter. Whereas dreaming of a black swan symbolises that there is an exciting mystery to be revealed to you.


Cows are almost universally a symbol of motherhood, nurturing and fertility. In Celtic mythology, the cow is linked to the goddess Bridget who is known as the goddess of hearth and home. It is said that dreaming of many cows in a field means that your finances will increase or there will be a birth of twins or triplets in the family!


 As the snake sheds its skin, it is very much linked to transformation and rebirth. Snakes also symbolise protection as well. The shed snakeskin can be used in spell jars for spells relating to new beginnings and making changes or protection spells.

Spell work

Spells that relate to;

  • Creativity
  • Fertility
  • Cleansing/releasing old emotions

Most people have been hibernating since Yule with the cold and dark nights. Imbolc is when you need to awaken and start getting creative. It is also a time that you can release any old negative emotions which have been holding you down and cleanse everything ready for springing back into life! Of course, fertility is also very much related to Imbolc as the animals start to give birth to their young. 

Free Imbolc correspondence sheet to download!

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