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Imbolc Magick

Here we have the best Imbolc magick spells and rituals on the web all rounded up for your convenience. Those that are specifically for Imbolc are listed first and then spells and rituals that relate to the Imbolc theme of creativity, cleansing and fertility will follow. 

Imbolc magick spells and rituals

Purification bath

The lovely Beth over at Cauldron and Brew has a recipe for an Imbolc purification bath that looks great. You will need a few different essential oils and some Epsom salts so if you do not already have these things, you will need to go shopping before Imbolc. This looks like a lovely relaxing way to celebrate the day. 

Charm bag for Imbolc

Arcane Alchemy has a guest post that tells you how to make an Imbolc charm bag that sounds amazing. Such a good way to focus your intentions and concentrate on the themes of Imbolc. You can even customise it for a specific goal as well. 

Mini Imbolc altar

Tenae from The Witch of Lupin Hollow has a fantastic post on making a mini Imbolc altar. So simple but so effective and great for those who do not have the space or privacy for their own permanent altar.

Close Up Photo of a Bed of White Flowers. Snowdrops. Imbolc magick
Snowdrops are a symbol of Imbolc

Welcoming abundance: Imbolc ritual

The Solstice Sisters have a wonderful welcoming abundance ritual that involves using kitchen magick to make a money making milk tart and abundant milk tea. You then use the tart and tea in your ritual. If you have the time and space to complete this ritual I feel that it would be an amazing experience. 

Imbolc candle ritual

Erin from the Seaonal Soul has a simple Imbolc candle ritual that you only need four tealight candles for. It is nice and quick and brilliant for new witches or those that are limited for time or resources.  

Creativity magick

Avery, from The Travelling Witch, has some great ideas for boosting creativity with magick. In this post, she lists three different ways that include using the elements, a plant spell and a magickal card storytelling spell. They all have different purposes and all look excellent and fantastic for your Imbolc magick. 

Photo of Woman Painting on Wall - a great Imbolc activity.
Simply doing something creative can be a good way to honour Imbolc

Cleansing magick

The lovely ladies over at Wicca Now have a simple but effective cleansing spray that you can make. Perfect for your Imbolc cleansing.  

Fertility magick

If you are looking at becoming pregnant soon then Imbolc is perfect for fertility magick. Tina over at Magickal Spot has four great fertility spells to choose from. 

So there you have eight different spells and rituals that are all perfect for your Imbolc magick. What do you think? Will you be doing any of them over Imbolc? I would love to hear your thoughts either below in the comments or by connecting over on social media. 

For more posts on Imbolc, do please take a look at my dedicated Imbolc page that I am building. 

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