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Did my Intuition Save my Life?

What is intuition?

Intuition is described as feelings or messages that come to one from the subconscious mind, almost instinctual. You have no evidence or analysis to back up what you think, it is an innate feeling guiding you.  Part of living a magickal life is learning to tune in and listen to your intuition. 

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My story

In October 2021 I was sitting in my home office writing a blog post, when I kept feeling as if something was walking or brushing across my right breast. I was wearing a vest top and I kept looking and there was nothing there. Then I sort of brushed my fingers across and I felt something under the skin. I investigated further and discovered that I had a small lump under the skin. 

Intuition in play?

Now, I am not the sort of person who instantly thinks the worse or visits the doctor’s office regularly. In fact, after having CFS when I was younger, I now try and avoid doctors as much as possible. Over the next couple of days, I got this kind of gut feeling that this was cancer and I needed to be checked by a doctor. It is so unlike me as I normally have a tendency to stick my head in the sand and wait and see. However, I just felt that I needed to be seen by someone as I just knew it was serious and I think that was my intuition. 

So, within a week, I managed to get a doctor’s appointment. My doctor examined me and said that as I am 41 so just over the 40 cut off, she would send me to have a mammogram to be safe. However, it is very unlikely to be cancer, especially as there is no family history of breast cancer in my family.  

The feeling of something being wrong kept getting stronger

So even though the doctor had told me that she really didn’t think it was anything serious, I still had this feeling in the pit of my stomach. A feeling that was telling me this was actually serious. Before having the mammogram, I was examined by a doctor at the hospital who told me that they were sure that it was just a cyst so I shouldn’t worry. After the mammogram, I was asked to speak to a different doctor for an ultrasound. Once he had done the ultrasound he told me that they needed to take a biopsy. I was then sent back to the first doctor who again said it was highly unlikely to be cancer. 

Unfortunately, doctors are not always right

I then had an extremely long wait for the results and the whole time an uneasy feeling. Finally, on November 22nd I went for my results and I was told that I had breast cancer. I was told that it was caught early so I would just need one operation and some radiotherapy. 

I had my operation where they remove the cancerous tissue and some lymph nodes from the armpit to make sure that the cancer has not spread. However, my results came back saying that they had not removed all of the cancerous tissue. They also found cancer in one of the three lymph nodes that they removed so they needed to take more. 

Lady with pink hair just waking up from breast cancer surgery

Take two

So I had a second operation so that they could remove more breast tissue and another 8 lymph nodes. In January 2022 I was told they successfully removed all of the cancerous breast tissue and they had not found any more cancer in my lymph nodes. However, the fact that one of them did have cancer inside, means that the type of breast cancer that I have, has the ability to travel, so chemotherapy would be needed. Then radiotherapy and then hormone treatment. So clearly the cancer was more dangerous than they had first thought. 

Did my intuition save my life?

So my question to you is, do you think that my intuition saved my life? I think it did as imagine if I had put off being seen. Say I waited six months, it could of spread to other parts of my body and been much worse. 

It is so important to check for lumps and changes to your breasts and armpits. If you find anything, please do seek medical advice as soon as possible as early detection really does save lives. Also if you get a feeling, telling you something, it is important that you listen to the messages that your intuition is telling you. 

If you would like to read more about my breast cancer journey, take a look at my sister site Mum on a Mission for a Better Life

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  • chickenruby

    So wonderful that you found the lump, managed to get a Dr’s appointment and that you were able to have the surgery needed. Yes, your intuition saved your life, when you know, you know.
    Thanks for joining in with #pocolo hope you had a great Easter and hope to see you back on April 29th

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