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Januarys Full Moon – Wolf Moon

This post is part of my Moon Magick series. In this post, the January full moon will be explored. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here.

The wolf moon

The January full moon is known as the wolf moon. Although, there are other names that some people use as it much depends on your location and what you prefer to use in your practice. Other names include; Ice Moon, Old Moon, and Quiet Moon.

It is thought that the reason behind calling it the wolf moon is because back in ancient times, it would be very quiet and still in January. The wolves would howl and be heard more easily than other months. Wolves howl for many reasons as it is part of how that they communicate, but due to their mating season occurring in January to March each year, it is another reason that it would have seemed as if they were howling more often. 

Living Magickally with a January full moon

Part of living a magickal life is to connect with the energy of each full moon with ritual. A ritual can be almost anything as long as it is something that you associate with the January full moon each year. Here is a list of suggestions that you may like to incorporate into your Wolf moon rituals. You can do just one thing, or many and you have a three-day window. The full moon evening and the day before and after as well. 

Connect with friends and family

January is well documented for being a hard month for people. There has been a lot of festivities in December, then along comes January when everything returns to normal with added debts from December. It is cold and dark and mental health can take a dip. Phone calls or messages to friends or family at this time would be highly beneficial to both you and the receiver. Wolves are social pack animals so it would also be very fitting with it being a wolf moon. 

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Get outside walking

With it still being dark early and the cold weather, it can be tempting to stay inside but getting outside is still possible if you wrap up well. Take a walk and get your blood pumping and clear your mind. If you have people to go with, so you are not alone, you could even do this at night under the moon to really connect and soak up that energy.

Reflection and goal setting

The wolf moon is the first full moon of the year, so it is an excellent time to do some reflection and think about what goals you would like to achieve over the coming year. You could use a journal to write down your ideas and add reasons as to why they are important to you. 


Write a list of as many things as possible that you are grateful for. Even in the darkest of times, there are still things to be thankful for if you change your perspective a little. For example, having breast cancer may seem like there would not be anything positive to say, but I am grateful that I found it early. I am thankful for it being stage one. I am thankful for the care that I received when in hospital. So, there can be more to be grateful for than we realise. 


Meditation can be difficult for some but I find that guided meditations can really help if you are someone who struggles to sit in complete silence. Also remember, you do not have to meditate for hours. Ten minutes can make a big difference to your state of mind. If you enjoy using crystals, then you could even use some of the January full moon corresponding crystals as well.

Magickal jobs

Charge any crystals that need charging and make moon water if you need it. Also, don’t forget about any spell work that you may have been planning too!

Night, Sky, Stars, full Moon, Tree, Wolf, Rabbit, Dark, January full moon (wolf moon)

January full moon correspondence


Silver – Silver represents the moon. In candle magick, it represents intuition, dreams and removing negativity. 

White – White represents innocence, healing, purification, peace, cleansing, and divination

Black – Black represents safety, pride and purification. It offers protection and is good for banishing magick, removing hexes/curses and unblocking emotions.

Violet – Violet represents self-improvement, spiritual awareness and power.


Garnet – Garnet is associated with energy, creativity, and eliminating negative energy. It is said to inspire you and help you reach your goals. It is also said to alleviate depression.

Onyx – Black onyx promotes strength and stamina. It is a grounding stone and is said to help you make good decisions. It is also known as a calming stone. 

Obsidian – Black obsidian is a volcanic glass that is believed to be highly protective and grounding. It is said to be able to remove negative energy. It is often used as a scrying tool. 

Jet – Jet is a grounding and protective stone. It is said that it protects from negative energy and can help people resolve past difficulties.  

Opal – The Opal is said to be great at balancing emotions. It is associated with love and passion. It is said to help focus the mind.

Selenite – Selenite is a wonderful cleansing stone. It has the ability to not only cleanse your aura and space of negativity but also to cleanse and charge other crystals. Great for meditation and has a calming effect. 


Snowdrop – Snowdrops are known for being one of the first flowers to bloom, indicating that spring is on its way. Snowdrops are also very much linked to hope and strength. 

Thistle – Thistle is said to be good for protection, healing and helping to alleviate depression.

Basil – Basil can help bring prosperity and also helps with happiness, calmness, and love.

Marjoram – Marjoram is believed to correspond with protection, love, happiness and good health. 

Pine – Part of the evergreen family of trees, pine is associated with prosperity and protection. Being an evergreen, it also symbolises eternal life.


Wolves – It is not a surprise to see that wolves would be linked to the wolf moon! The wolf is often thought of as bad. However, in Celtic lore, the wolf was thought of as the hound or dog of the forest and was to be respected. Wolf symbols on soldiers’ armour represented strength and courage. Wolves are social animals within their packs symbolising the importance of family and friends. 

Foxes – The fox has been known as a silent assassin with his stealth ninja moves and knowledge of his surroundings by nearly all cultures across all ages. However, with his intelligence and skills also comes the label of being sly and cunning. Native American traditions speak of the fox being the fire bringer and it was believed that the fox symbolises the divine, healing and the supernatural. Celtic symbolism of the fox links to the ability to easily move and navigate around the earth and the spirit realms. It is said that if you dream of a fox it is a warning that you need to stop rushing full steam ahead and assess the situation. 

Moon, Astronomy, Outer Space, Sky, Planet, Full Moon, wolf howling at the moon

Pheasants – The pheasant is a very durable bird. It can run, fly and swim but prefers to be on the ground. It can also go several days without food. This makes the pheasant a symbol of strength and determination. It is said that when you dream of a pheasant flying, it is a sign for you to launch your plans into action. However, if you dream of a dead pheasant, you have lost your creativity and need to get it back. 

Spell work

  • Protection
  • Personal development
  • Intuition

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