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Litha activities

Litha, also known as the summer solstice, will be on June 20th, 2021. Unless you live in the southern hemisphere in which case you will be celebrating the winter solstice. This post contains 18 Litha activities to help you plan your Litha celebrations. 

Litha activities

Watch the sunrise

Litha is all about the sun as it is the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. Watching the sun rise or set is a fantastic way to celebrate.

Make sun water

Making sun water is the same as moon water, just charge your water in the sun. Sun water can be used for lots of things such as adding to spells, adding to your bath or watering your plants.

Bake sun bread

Baking is always a good activity to celebrate the sabbaths. Baking a sun shaped loaf of bread is a great way to enjoy Litha.

Decorate your altar

Decorate your altar with yellow, gold and red candles, oranges, corresponding herbs and incense, suncatchers, pictures of suns and other Litha related items. 

Have a bonfire

Litha is a fire festival and what bigger source of fire is there than the sun? Therefore bonfires are a traditional way to celebrate the sabbath. If you do not have room for a bonfire, a fire pit will be just as good or even a candle.

Have a garden party or BBQ

Celebrating with food, family and friends outside in the garden is a fantastic way to celebrate. 

Make a suncatcher

Making a suncatcher is a lovely sun themed activity for Litha and it will look great in your garden or home.

Walk in nature

Simply being outside in nature is a great way to celebrate Litha. You could go for a nature spotting walk or a late evening stroll as the sun is setting.

Draw down the sun

I first read of drawing down the sun on Emma’s blog,  Eclectic Witchcraft. It is the act of taking some of the suns powerful energy to use in spells with a mirror. 

Quick reference guide of Litha activities
Quick reference guide


Guided meditations are always a good way to relax and find your inner peace but sabbath-themed ones make it that bit more special. A simple search on YouTube will bring you a great variety to choose from. I particularly liked the one from Sentia Yoga. I also liked the one from Choosing Sunshine which is about using the energy of Litha to meet your goals. 

Tarot spread

Again a simple search will give you a huge selection of Litha-themed spreads to choose from. I like this five-card spread from Almanac Supply as it is simple to understand and well-aligned with Litha. For a more detailed reading, I like the nine-card spread from the Seasonal Soul

Charge your crystals

Although it is more common to charge and cleanse crystals with the moon, the sun can also be a powerful tool in charging crystals. However, you do need to be careful as not all crystals are safe for direct sunlight exposure. Moon Soul Magic has a post detailing which ones are safe to charge in the sun if you are uncertain.

Make a sun wheel

Sun wheels are a traditional decoration believed to bring peace, abundance, fertility, and power. The lovely Willow over at Flying the Hedge has a great tutorial to make your own sun wheel.

Make a Bee water station

Bees are very much associated with Litha and the sun. Making a small Bee water station is a great way to honour Litha and help out our endangered little friends. Check out this tutorial I found over at the Carolina Honey Bees website.

Do Candle magick

Any candle magick is a way to honour Litha as you are using fire. For even more alignment to Litha do candle magick matching the spell work themes of Litha. 

Gather herbs

Gathering herbs at Litha is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. It is said that if you gather Saint Johns Wort at Litha and then throw some into your Litha fire you and your family will be protected from illness for the next twelve months. 

Visit a sacred site or live stream in a pandemic!

Every year, thousands of pagans visit stone henge on the morning of the summer solstice to see the sunrise. It would be amazing to visit, I imagine the atmosphere is fantastic. However, due to the pandemic, it has not been possible to attend. This does have its benefits though as it is instead being live-streamed for free on FaceBook which makes it accessible for so many more people who would not be able to attend regardless of COVID. 

Tend to your garden

Taking care of your garden, helping things grow, and laying your hands in the earth is not only a great way to honour Litha but also a proven way to improve your overall wellbeing. 

Stonehenge, Monument, Prehistoric, Salisbury, Britain

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about these 18 Litha activities. Let me know if you plan to do some of them in your celebrations. For more information about Litha, check out my dedicated Litha page. 

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