Four small examples of the Litha art on a pale yellow background
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Litha art and altar

In this post, I show you the free Litha art that I made for displaying on your altar. I also share my 2021 Litha altar too!

Free Litha Art

If you pop over to my freebie library, you can grab yourself a free copy of the Litha art that I put together. There are four to choose from and I have put them onto single sheets so that you can just print what you need to save ink and paper. 

You could mount them onto card so that they stand upright, or add them to a frame. They will be a beautiful addition to your Litha altar. If you use any on your altar, I would love to know. You could email me or tag me in your pics on Instagram

Happy Litha altar art
Sunshine Litha
Happy Litha art - an eye in a sun. All black and white
Black and white Litha
Litha art - a bumble bee with a background of yellow flowers and the sun
Summer solstice
Gold and yellow background with a crystal ball and a sun for Litha art
Golden Litha

My 2021 Litha Altar

This year I have decorated my altar using the following items. 

  • Golden Litha altar art
  • A large gold candle in a clear glass holder
  • A white candle in a  clear glass holder
  • A yellow spell candle in a black candle holder with a pentagram on the top in white.
  • 2 red birthday candles.
  • 2 orange birthday candles.
  • A white tealight candle in a black holder.
  • A black and white mortar and pestle.
  • 4 seashells in different sizes.
  • 2 Citrine crystals, one point, and one tumble. 
  • 2 Tigers eye tumbles. 
  • A jade tumble stone.
  • A moss agate tumble stone.
  • A green and black pentagram glass bottle.
  • A black cauldron. 
  • Lavender incense stick in a black pentagram patterned ash catcher. 
A altar decorated for Litha
My 2021 Litha altar set up

I hope that you like my altar set up and the free Litha art. Happy Litha!

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