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Litha correspondence

This post offers a comprehensive guide to Litha correspondence. Looking at colour, crystals, herbs, food, and spell work. It will have you covered for all things Litha so you can be prepared for your celebrations. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here

Litha correspondence


Gold – Gold represents the sun which is in full force on Litha. In candle magick, it also represents wealth, prosperity, and confidence. 

Green – Green represents nature, fertility, prosperity, health, wealth, and abundance. 

Orange – Orange is a combination of red and yellow. The yellow brings warmth and mental clarity, while the red beings the intensity and power. Therefore orange is very much linked to justice, ambition, and creativity.

Red – Red represents strength, courage, and passion. It is linked with the fire element and can be used to intensify or speed up a spell. 

Yellow – Yellow also represents the sun and the warmth that sunlight brings. In candle magick, it represents happiness, growth, knowledge, communication, and inspiration. 

White – White represents innocence, healing, purification, peace, cleansing, and divination. 


Yellow Topez – Also known as Imperial Topaz. It is said to be a symbol of friendship, often attracting the people you need into your life at the right time. Believed to promote good fortune, bringing wealth and happiness to you. 

Tigers eye – Tiger’s eye is a balancing stone that grounds and protects you. It is said to enhance your confidence, willpower, and creativity. Believed to aid divination, instil courage, and helps us recognise our own strengths. 

Citrine – Citrine is fantastic at helping you in your creative endeavours. It is said to keep you motivated, bring you luck and is known as a stone of abundance. Believed to removed negative energy and promotes inner calm. 

Citrine crystal tower
My favourite crystal - a Citrine tower, perfect for Litha

Sunstone – Sunstone is of course linked to the sun! It is said to bring joy, luck, confidence, creativity and to empower you, increasing your personal power. Believed to help relieve depression and SAD. 

Jade – Jade is a nurturing stone. Traditionally a stone of abundance and prosperity, it is also known for attracting luck and friendship. Jade is also said to be good for matters of love and encourages compassion. 

Peridot – Peridot is said to bring money, love, and abundance into your life while making you feel calm and empowered. Believed to increase your self-worth and protect you from deception and nightmares.

Moss Agate – Moss Agate is a grounding stone. It is said to attract stability, abundance, and prosperity. Believed to help you connect with nature and open up opportunities for new beginnings. 

Amber – Amber is the fossilised resin from Pine trees dating back centuries. It is said to be a protective stone with calming energies. Said to help with change, promotes success, and brings clarity to things you may not be aware of. It is also said to be a great helper for those who want a deeper connection to nature.


Orange blossom – Oranges can be used in several ways in love spells, prosperity magick, luck spells, and divination. Associated with the sun, they make a perfect addition to your Litha altar. 

Chamomile – Chamomile can relax you and aid in good sleep. It also attracts money and can be used in love spells.

Rose – Of course, roses are associated with love, romance, and sex. However, they can also bring luck, enhance confidence and beauty. As well as helps make dreams clearer and they are also good for truth magick.

Bay leaves – Bay leaves are well known for wishing spells. You write your wish on a bay leaf and set your intention for the wish to come true. You visualise that it has come true and then burn the leaf. Bay is also great for love, protection, and prosperity.

Lavender – Lavender can be used to attract love or friendship. It promotes calmness and happiness and is often used to aid good sleep

St Johns Wort – St Johns wort is traditionally harvested at the summer solstice and some is thrown into the bonfires that would be burning as part of the celebrations. It has been used in protection magick and exorcisms for thousands of years. It is also said to be useful in banishing magick and prophetic dreams. 

Lemon – Lemons have a large variety of magickal uses. They are said to be able to remove hexes and can cleanse and purify. They are also said to be good for spells concerning love, happiness, luck, and beauty. 

Calendula – Calendula corresponds with the sun and the fire element. It is said to be great in love spells and can aid prophetic dreams. It is also a protective plant as it is said that when hung over a door it can prevent negativity and evil from entering. 

Sunflower – Sunflowers are said to bring good fortune to people and therefore are great in spells concerning luck. They are also said to be loyal due to their loyalty to the sun (how they turn from East to West to follow the sun each day) and are said to be good for truth magick too. 

Thyme – Thyme has a long history in terms of both magick and medicine. In magick, it is thought to bring courage, amplify healing spells, purify (can be used to smudge), and attract the fae.

A list of Litha correspondence
Quick Reference guide to Litha correspondence


Litha is all about the fruit as it is related to the sun due to photosynthesis. Fruits that particularly relate to Litha are cherries, apricots, blackberries, blueberries, peaches, melons, lemons, and oranges. Other food and drink that corresponds to Litha are honey,  lemonade,  mead, cheese, whipped cream, and wine. 

Spell work

Empowerment, personal growth, self-love, faery magick, protection, energy work, and healing. 

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