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Litha magick

In this post, I have searched the internet to find you the 10 best Litha magick spells and rituals for all your Litha celebrations. For more posts about Litha check out my dedicated page, here

Litha Magick

Midsummer sun ritual

Learn Religion has a lovely simple candle ritual that is for a group but can be adapted for solo practitioners. 

A solstice ritual

Sage Goddess has a powerful visualising ritual for the summer solstice which can be done alone or in a group. 

Litha charm for success

Jess Carlson has a fantastic charm bag spell for using the sun’s energy at Litha to aid in manifesting success for the rest of the year. 

Backyard BBQ ritual

Back over to Learn Religion, I found a great way to honour Litha with family and friends in the form of a BBQ!

Heart, Love, Sunset, Shape, Sign, Silhouette, Symbol

Self-Love spells for Litha magick

Self-love spell bottle

Blessing Manifesting has a beautiful self-love spell bottle post. It is easy for any level and a perfect spell for Litha when we are celebrating ourselves and our personal growth.  

Self-love ritual

Alternatively, Dwell in magic has a self-love ritual that looks fantastic. Perfect for reconnecting to who you are and healing any past pain.

Protection spells for Litha magick

Spell jar for protection

Eclectic Witchcraft has a great post about making spell jars to protect your home and your family. Great easy to follow instructions explaining what to put inside. 

Casting a protection spell on a necklace

Magickal Spot has a step-by-step guide on turning a necklace into a powerful protection amulet. You can make it for yourself or for someone else. 

Healing spells for Litha magick

Simple healing spell

The crafty witch blog has a super simple healing spell that only requires a blue candle. 

Powerful healing spell

Sage-Sol has a powerful healing spell that is a bit more complex requiring more tools but is promised to be very effective. 

Silhouette of Tree Near Body of Water during Golden Hour

So, that is ten spells and rituals to choose from for your Litha magick. If you do any, I would love to hear how you got on. 

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