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Living Magickally podcast

I have started a new podcast that is all about Wicca and Pagan living. Sharing information about different topics that relate in some way to Wicca, with the hope of gaining enough listeners to be able to have guests come on and share their thoughts on different topics. 

Here you will find links to all episodes of the Living Magickally podcast as they are released. My social links are also at the bottom of all of my blog posts so you can easily get in touch with your thoughts on the show and any ideas you have which you would like to share.

If the links to the episode are not on here, it is because it has not yet been released. Episodes are being released weekly, on a Thursday. If there is a picture with an episode description, but no link, then you are getting a sneak peek at what the show will be about!

Check out my trailer and see all of the available platforms that the show is on, so you can add it to your playlist! 

Season one – Episodes

Episode one: What’s it all about and how you live magickally!

The first-ever episode of Living Magickally! In this show, meet Dee, the host, and learn what she hopes this podcast will develop into. Learn what living magickally means to Dee and the properties of clear quartz crystal. 

Episode 2: Rules and stereotypes. 

Dee discusses the rules of Wicca, looking at the Wiccan Rede. This then moved into what Wiccans are not, in terms of stereotypes. There is a two-minute gratitude exercise followed by an insight into the herb sage. The show ends by looking at how many spells a witch should be doing to call themselves a witch. 

Music in the show: A fresh start from Purple Planet.

Episode 3: The fire element

Looking at the Fire element, Dee discusses fire correspondence, how to connect to the fire element, and what fire means today. The herb Angelica is discussed, along with making time for magick. 

Music in the show: Reach out from Purple Planet.

Episode 4: The air element

Talking about the air element, looking at the correspondence of air and how you can connect with the element. 

Music in the show for mindfulness – Link to license. Jason Shaw – Running waters

Episode 5: The water element.

Today Dee talks about the water element, looking at correspondence, ways to connect with water, and magickal uses. The herb lavender is also discussed. 

There is music from Andy G Cohen – Through the lens. Link to License

Episode 6: The earth element

Talking about the earth element, looking at correspondence, how to connect with the earth, and magickal uses. Also discussing some good TV shows and Chime Time is looking at the crystal Moonstone. 

Music in the show – Time to dream from Purple Planet.

Episode 7: Celebrating Ostara

In this episode, Dee is talking about all things Ostara! The Sabbath Ostara is on the way so this episode is dedicated to the holiday. Talking about correspondence, activities, and magick which relates to the holiday. The chime Time segment also relates to Ostara too!
Music credit – Courage from Purple Planet.

Episode 8: Magickal tools

Trigger warning – Mothers Day is briefly touched upon. My story of being mistreated by men is discussed which involves an incident when I was 12 years old.

In this episode, the importance of recording information is discussed. The music choice is in honour of Sarah Everald, those who knew her, and all women who have ever been hurt or mistreated for simply being a woman. CHIME time looks at the crystal, Tigers eye. 

Music credit – Sense of loss from Purple Planet.

Episode 9: Book of shadows, journaling, and other ways to record information.

Trigger warning – at the start of this episode Mothers day is mentioned for approximately 1.30 minutes. After the main content about recording information, music is played and after the music, my story of being mistreated by men which concerns what happened when I was only 12 years old. 

In this episode, Dee talks about the importance of recording your experiences and working on discovering yourself. The music in this episode is in honour of Sarah Everard, those who knew her, and all women that have ever been hurt or mistreated for simply being a woman. In CHIME time we discuss Tiger’s eye. 

Music credit to Purple Planet – Sense of loss. 

Episode 10: Types of witches

In this episode, Dee talks about the array of different witches that people can use to label themselves in witchcraft. We try mindful dancing and in CHIME time, Rosemary is discussed.
Music credit to Purple Planet – Phoenix rising.

Episode 11: Reading the Tarot 

In this episode, Dee talks about getting started with Tarot cards. In CHIME time, the herb Patchouli is discussed.
Music credit to Purple Planet – Unbroken.
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Episode 12: Celebrating Beltane. 

In this final episode of season one, we talk all things Beltane. Looking at correspondence, activities, and magick. The Angelite stone is discussed in CHIME time and mindful dancing is back!

Music credit to Purple Planet – Free spirit. 

Season two coming soon!

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