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Wheel of the year

Lughnasadh activities

In this post, we look at Lughnasadh activities to inspire you for your holiday planning. Lughnasadh is a Pagan holiday and part of the wheel of the year. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here

Lughnasadh activities

Guided meditation

Guided meditations are great for those of us who can not sit in complete silence and silence our minds! There are so many fantastic meditations available, you are sure to find one that you like. I really like this incredibly relaxing meditation from Blossom Fae

Make a corn doll

Corn dolls are traditional decorations made from corn or wheat stems. They can be used to represent deities as well and are often used to represent Brigid at Imbolc. You could make a corn doll or any other decorative piece using corn or wheat for a great piece of decor for the upcoming autumn season. 

Bake bread

Using grains to bake is a great way to honour Lughnasadh and the smell of freshly baked bread is well worth the effort. If time or energy is short then using a bread mix can be a great solution. 


Doing a Lughnasadh themed tarot spread can be so much fun and really insightful too. A simple search on Google or Pinterest will give you so many options to choose from. If you have purchased the Lughnasadh guidebook, you will have one in there that I created especially for Lughnasadh. 

Sunrise or set

Watching the sun set or rise can be a lovely low key way to celebrate Lughnasadh. If you are unsure of what time the sun will be rising or setting in your location then take a look at time and date. They can tell you the exact time that the sun sets and rises according to your location. 

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Make a besom

A Besom is a handheld broom. You can make a functional one from natural materials or you can make a mini besom to use on your altar. Besoms can be used to symbolically sweep away negative energy. 

Sunbathe (safely!)

Sitting or laying out in the sun, soaking in that solar energy, can be a great low-key way to celebrate Lughnasadh. However, make sure that you use sun cream and keep hydrated. Safety first!

Decorate your altar

Decorate your altar for Lughnasadh. You can use candles and ribbons in Lughnasadh colours, pictures of Scyths or suns, corresponding crystals and herbs, seeds and grains, bread, popcorn, besom, corn doll, or anything else that you are drawn to. 

Have a bonfire

Light up a bonfire and invite friends and family to come and enjoy the flames. If you do not have the space for a bonfire, a fire pit is just as good and probably more practical for most. Even if you do not have the means for lighting fires outside, lighting a candle inside can be symbolic and just as suitable. 

String popcorn

I know that most people associate stringing popcorn with Christmas or Yule but as corn is one of the first grains to be harvested at Lughnasadh, making a garland of popcorn could be a fun activity and make a great addition to your altar. 

Go berry picking

Berry picking is a great summer activity that you can get your whole family involved in if you like. It is also fantastic for supporting your local farmers and community too.

Make jam

If you have been berry picking you will have an abundance of berries so what better way to use up some of those berries than by making jam? 

Visit a farmers market

Another great way to support your local farmers and community is to visit a farmers market. It is also a lovely way to honour Lughnasadh. 

Make homemade popcorn

Making homemade popcorn can be a lot of fun and you can experiment with all sorts of sweet and savoury flavours. 

Harvest your garden and herbs

With Lughnasadh being the first harvest, why not harvest some of the herbs or vegetables that you have been growing in your garden. 

Spell work

Doing some spell work that relates to the themes of Lughnasadh is one of my favourite ways to honour the holiday. My next post will be all about Lughnasadh magick so make sure to take a look for some inspiration!

List of Lughnasadh activities with a background of a wheat field.
A quick reference guide to Lughnasadh activities.

I hope that you have enjoyed these 16 Lughnasadh activities and that you are inspired to plan your celebration. If you have enjoyed this post then please do share with others. 

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