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Lughnasadh magick

In this post, I searched the internet for the best Lughnasadh magick spells and rituals for all of your Lughnasadh celebrations. 

Lughnasadh magick

Here are some of the best Lughnasadh-themed spells and rituals that I have found. 

The lovely ladies from Wicca Now have a special Lammas ritual for abundance. It is very adaptable and only needs items that you will likely have at home already.

Spells8 has a fantastic Lughnasadh celebration ritual.  It looks at what skills you have, as well as honouring the sun god, Lugh. You also only need some very basic items for this ritual. 

Traci York has a great Lammas painted bread spell. Super easy and really appropriate for Lughnasadh. 

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Prosperity magick

I have a money spell that has worked well for me in the past, which would be great for Lughnasadh. The trick for this one is to only ask for what you need. 

Emma from Electic Witchcraft has three easy money to manifest abundance. I particularly like the save money spell. 

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Protection magick

Spells8 also have a pet protection spell that would be great for Lughnasadh. It is said to stop your pet from getting lost, stolen or unwell. 

Over at the witch Journal site, there is a protection jar spell that looks good. I like that it gives you options to choose from so you can make it your own and use what you already have at home. 


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I hope that you have enjoyed these seven spells and rituals for Lughnasadh magick. Let me know which ones you are planning for your celebration. I always love to hear from you, either in the comments below or via socials. 

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