Money - five pound note and coins. Spell green candle and leaf

Money spell

In this post I explain the money spell which I did, giving clear instructions so that you can do it too should you wish. I also share my own experience of using it and the results which were really good. 

A word of warning

I was not sure about posting this spell as I do not want people to think that I making things up and offering clickbait with the promise of riches through magick. At the same time, I know how hard it can be when money is tight (or non-existent) so knowing that this works I felt it was only right to share with others who may need a bit of financial help from the universe. 

I can not promise you that this will work, I can only share my experience of what happened and let you be the judge. I believe in magick which is why I cast the spell. My husband was a huge sceptic but even he can not explain away the results. 

My experience of using this money spell

I cast this spell on November 12th, 2020. It was a Thursday which is the best day of the week to cast an abundance spell. The very next day I got two commissions of work from a company that I have been freelancing with for around 18 months. In all of that time, I have never had two in one day. The day after I got another. 

A week after this my mother-in-law gave us £700 to buy two sofas which we had been wanting. I  did not expect that at all! On December 1st a family member gave us a large sum of money which she said we may as well have now when we need it instead of waiting for her to pass on.

December 16th I found £100 which I had put away ages ago to put in the bank and I had completely forgotten that we had it. 

Magick or coincidence? 

Now would this have all happened anyway regardless of casting the spell? There is no way to tell, but generally, in our lives, this has never happened before. When I cast the spell I kept thinking I just need enough to pay our debts, get a sofa (ours was broken), and buy presents for my daughter for Christmas. The money we have received since I cast the spell has done exactly that! 

Green candle with a leaf package tied in gold ribbon next to the candle and a small glass bottle of oil near by

The money spell

Items needed

  • Green candle
  • Money oil (I found a tutorial for making this online)
  • Fallen leaf (Any type is fine)    
  • Sharpie-type pen
  • Coin (Any amount, I used a 2 pence coin)
  • Sugar (just a sprinkle)
  • Ribbon (preferably in green or gold but string can be used)


Take your candle and anoint it with the money oil. This means holding the candle with the wick nearest to you and rubbing the oil on the candle towards you, so from the base to the wick. This means money will be drawn to you.

Take the leaf and write an amount of money that you would like or an intent such as more money so the bills can be paid.

Put the coin on the leaf over the writing and then sprinkle it with some sugar. Wrap up the coin in the leaf and tie it with the string or ribbon.

Sit the leaf package next to the candle so that it is touching the candle. Light the candle and repeat the following chant for a good two minutes. 

‘Money needed, come to me. Cause no harm, blessed be’.

Pour the melted wax over the package and then say the following incantation. 

Money shall now come to me, the money that is needed, not through greed.

Money will pour into my home, my bank, and my purse. So that my debts can be reversed.

I thank you now for what is to come. Remember to follow the rule of harm no one.

So mote it be.

Blow out the candle and take the leaf package and bury it in the earth where it will not be disturbed.

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