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Ostara correspondence

A comprehensive guide to Ostara correspondence so that you are well informed and ready to celebrate Ostara. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here

Ostara correspondence


Yellow – Yellow represents the extra sunlight that we will be gaining each day. In candle magick, yellow also represents communication, joy, and inspiration. It is also the colour of the spring daffodils which are a symbol of Ostara. 

Violet – Violet represents self-improvement, spiritual awareness, and power. 

Light blue – Light blue represents patience, calmness and understanding. 

Pink – Pink represents friendship, love, femineity, affection, and healing. 

Green – Green represents all of the greenery in nature that is now in full bloom. It also represents fertility, money, growth, health, and abundance. 

Silver – Silver represents the moon. It also represents dreams, the night, intuition, and the inner self. 

White – White represents innocence, healing, purification, peace, cleansing, and divination. 


Amethyst – Amethyst is a protection crystal that can draw out and absorb negative energy from you. It is known as a sleep aid and can help relieve migraines. It is perfect for helping you move forward and can enhance your psychic ability.

Aquamarine – The name aquamarine comes from its Latin origins which translates to ‘water of the sea’. It is a great stress reliever and very good at helping rid you of anger and negative emotions. It is also good for self-healing. 

Green Aventurine – This green stone has naturally occurring flecks or sparkles inside which the ancient Greeks referred to as ‘stars in the stone’. It is best known for bringing luck, money, and success. Green Aventurine is also known for boosting confidence, energy and sparking the imagination. It is said to carry the energy of spring and new life making it perfect for Ostara. 

Moonstone – Moonstone is full of feminine energies and as such, is good for helping with female hormone issues, period pain, and fertility. It is said to promote psychic abilities and enhance intuition. It is a relaxing stone that calms the mind, promotes hope and optimism. Moonstone helps enhance inner strength. 

Rose Quartz – Rose quartz is a stone of all kinds of love. Romantic love, family love, friendships, and self-love. It promotes emotional healing, helps those that have been hurt in the past to learn to trust again and improves self-esteem. It is also said to aid fertility. 

Pink and White Stones, rose quartz, Ostara correspondence,
Rose quartz, the ultimate love stone!


Jasmine – Jasmine has the ability to attract your soulmate. It also attracts money and friendship too. It can also help with divination, dreamwork, and meditation

Lemongrass – This natural insect repellent also has a calming effect that reduces stress. It aids communication and expels negative energy making it great for helping resolve issues with family and friends. It can also cleanse the mind and heighten psychic abilities.

Ginger – Ginger is associated with personal energy, prosperity, and love. It can also be used in spell work to speed up the results of the spell. Another great use for ginger is that it is said that drinking ginger in tea can fight fatigue.

Rose – Of course, roses are associated with love, romance, and sex. However, they can also bring luck, enhance confidence and beauty. As well as help make dreams clearer and they are also good for truth magick. 

Violet – Violet is great for protection, wisdom, and love. It is good at dispelling hexes and can be used in wish spells, in divination, and for good luck.

Strawberry – Strawberries can be used for fertility, love, and friendship spells. They bring good luck and vitality. 

Clover – Clover is great for attracting wealth, luck, and success. It is also used for the blessing of pets. 


Daffodils – Daffodils represent fertility, new beginnings, and prosperity. They also correspond with self-love and friendship, although some believe them to represent vanity and unrequited love. Not to ingested as the whole plant is poisonous. 

Tulips – Tulips are often used in love spells as they can open the heart, build relationships and increase desires. They are associated with gratitude, beauty, prosperity, and happiness. They are also linked with protection, dreamwork, and fame. 

Crocus – Crocuses symbolise love and new beginnings. Some believe that crocus incense can be used to help receive messages from the other world when meditating. 

Dogwood – The dogwood tree has been likened to actual dogs as it offers protection and is loyal. The wood can be made into amulets that protect you from things that you may not even be aware mean you harm. Powdered bark or flowers can be used to keep things secret, for example, sprinkled onto your book of shadows to keep it private. There are also links to fertility and love. 

Ostara quick reference list
Quick reference guide to Ostara correspondence.


Hare/Rabbits – The hare is tied to Ostara in folklore but hares and rabbits are also heavily associated with fertility (think of the popular phrase, ‘at it like rabbits’!). The hare also corresponds with the moon and rebirth. It was once believed that witches could shapeshift into hares so there has been a long association between hares and witches. In Celtic traditions, rabbits would be used for divination purposes. It is said that when dreaming of rabbits, it is mostly positive and symbolises good luck and abundance. However, if you dream of being bitten or scratched by a rabbit then it could mean that one of your relationships is in danger and needs work. 

Chicks – The chick corresponds to spring, fertility and renewal. There is not much information available about Celtic lore and chicks but the egg is an important symbol for Ostara and has many uses in magick. It is said that if you dream that you are holding a chick in your hands it means that you have someone close to you that needs your protection and guidance. 

Lamb – Sheep are very much linked to Brigid the goddess of midwifery, creativity, hearth and home. In symbolism, the sheep is often tied to conformity. White sheep often symbolise innocence or children while black sheep are said to be the ones that leave the flock and do things differently. It is said that if you dream of sheep or lambs, it could mean that you are being led astray by someone who has charismatic energy or is in a position of authority. If you dream of sheep wearing clothes, you need to be mindful of who you trust as there could be a wolf hiding amongst your flock. 

Butterflies – In Celtic lore, butterflies were seen as soul carriers. It was actually against the law in Ireland to harm a white butterfly as they believed that it carried a dead child’s spirit. Butterflies symbolise change, transformation, and happiness. It is said that when you dream of butterflies it means that you are approaching a time of personal growth and you need to embrace the changes that are coming. 

Food and drink

Eggs are of course a popular food for Ostara. Therefore any food or meals which are predominately made of eggs are a good choice such as quiche, deviled eggs or eggs benedict. Milk products are also popular choices which when added to the eggs gives room for many different cakes and baked goods.

Honey is also a good Ostara food, along with fish, salads, and anything incorporating the herbs or fruits listed above. Interestingly, hot cross buns are also a suitable Ostara food as many authors have attributed the cross to the Celtic cross and the four elements rather than the Christian cross. 

Spell work

Being the first of only two days a year which is in perfect balance, any magick that is related to balance is a good choice for Ostara. Of course, spells relating to fertility are also a great choice for this time of year as well.

With the sunlight growing that bit more each day leading up to Litha (summer solstice) spells relating to growth are also suitable. Spells that correspond with abundance and creativity are also excellently aligned with Ostara.

Hello Spring Handwritten Paper, red tulips, Ostara
Spring is here!

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