I believe in being 100 percent honest so I always mark my blog posts with one of the following labels so that it is clear what I am doing. If there is no disclosure at the start of the blog post then that means that there are no products or advertising involved.

Affiliate link

Affiliate links are links to products or services which should you click through and make a purchase mean that a small amount of money is compensated to this blog at no extra cost to you.

Gifted/Press item

A gifted item or service is free in return for a review. A press item is sent to me with no obligation for me to write about it, although I can if I so wish.

Press pass

This refers to free entry to attractions in return for a review or being invited to special events which are just for bloggers and press people.

Sponsored post

A sponsored post is when a brand or PR company pay me to write a post about a certain topic and may include links to certain websites specified by them. I only take these kind of jobs if the topic fits to this blog and the linked websites are ones that I think are reputable and in the best interests of the readers.

Guest post

A guest post is a blog post or article written by someone else. Most likely another blogger. No money or compensation takes place.

Collaborative post

This is a post which has been written by someone else and I am then paid to place it on my blog and I edit the post to fit the style of the blog. Again, this is something that I would only accept if I felt that it was right for the blog.

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