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Samhain art and altar

In this Samhain art and altar post, I show my altar for 2021 and list what I have used for inspiration. I also have some altar art for Samhain that is free for you to download and print to use at home for your altar too should you so wish. Please note that there may be affiliate links in this post. For more information, please click here

My Samhain altar 2021

Samhain altar - candles, moonstones, cauldron, key, pumpkin candle, besom etc

Samhain altar contents

  • 2 Black taper candles in an old glass candle jar and a glass candle holder
  • A green taper candle in an old glass candle jar
  • A purple spell candle in a pentagram holder
  • A white tealight candle inside a black pentagram holder that I received in a witch casket box. 
  • A mini jar with some incense ash that I am collecting to make protection salt
  • A grey candle on a wooden slice surrounded by moonstones
  • A black incense holder with pentagram patterns and a lavender incense stick. 
  • A key that has a crystal ball with an eye inside on the top and a lilac tassel that I received in a witch casket box. 
  • Hematite tumble stone.
  • A mini besom that I made myself
  • A pentagram ornament that I received in a witch casket box. 
  • A cast-iron cauldron
  • A smokey quartz tumble stone
  • A pendulum
  • A moonstone tumble stone
  • A black obsidian sphere on a wooden holder
  • An athame
  • A string of Carnelian beads that I strung on some wire
  • A pumpkin candle
  • Some altar art that I received in a witch casket box
  • My Tarot cards
  • An altar cloth. 

Other ideas for a Samhain altar

Samhain altar art

Samhain altar art
Black and white altar art
Samhain altar art
Purple cat altar art
Honour your ancestors altar art
Samhain altar art
Divination altar art

To get your hands on this free to print at home altar art, simply sign up for my newsletter below. When you sign up you will be sent the art to download in PDF format. You can then print at home and mount onto some card or put in a frame and use it for your Samhain altar or home decor. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this Samhain art and altar post. If you use any of the art in your celebrations, I would love to hear about it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or connect with me on social media.

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