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Samhain magick

In this post, we have searched the web for the best Samhain magick spells and rituals so that you can pick what best suits you this Samhain. 

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Samhain magick

Ancestor summoning spell. 

The witch of Lupine Hollow has a really easy ancestor summoning spell for Samhain. You just need a black candle and then salt, pictures of ancestors that you would like to connect with, tarot cards,  and yew branches are optional extras. 

To get rid of unwanted habits

Tina over at Magickal spot has some Samhain spells and rituals and one of them is all about getting rid of unwanted habits. You only need a cauldron and some paper for the spell, so a fairly simple spell to complete for Samhain.

Halloween Letting Go Spell

Over at Strength Essence they also have a selection of five spells to choose from. I particularly like the letting go spell. You will just need a bay leaf, pen, black, white or purple candle and a smudge bowl or cauldron. 

Samhain divination potion

The lovely ladies over at Wicca Now have instructions on making a drink to take before your divination on Samhain to open up your subconscious mind. I think I am going to give this a try this year. 

Samhain intention setting ritual

The wholesome witch has a great intention setting ritual for Samhain. You will need a few things so best to check before hand to see if you need to get anything for it but it does look lovely. With Samhain being the witches new year this is a great time to set intentions for the year ahead. 

Other magick suitable for Samhain

Candle banishing

The Traveling witch has five simple banishing spells for a new witch. I really like the candle banishing spell and I think that it would be great for Samhain. For this spell you will need a black candle and a candle holder. Black or white pepper, salt, something to carve the candle, matches and an anointing oil of choice. 

Protection charm

Another one from the ladies over at Wicca Now. This time they offer simple and clear instructions on making a protection charm from an item or jewellery. Perfect for Samhain. 

Shadow work

Jessica over at Dwell in Magic has a clear four step process to shadow work. Shadow work correspondents with this time of year so this would be a perfect Samhain activity if you are celebrating by yourself. 

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