Left side Selenite tower, middle top a Selenite ball and top right, a hand holding a Selenite heart
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Selenite: Crystal Magick

This post is part of the blog series – crystal magick. In this post Selenite is discussed, properties are listed and magickal uses are also touched upon. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here

Selenite explained

Selenite is known for being a highly cleansing stone. It is said to be named from the Greek word for moon, perhaps due to the white luster that Selenite has. It is a soft stone so care needs to be taken when using Selenite as it could scratch or break but on the plus side, it makes it easy to carve so there are a number of different shapes available such as spirals and hearts. 

Selenite can dissolve in water so you need to be careful not to get the stone wet. Selenite does not often get made into jewellery as body sweat also counts as water so it can easily be ruined. Some like to wear Selenite pendents when taking part in rituals but great care needs to be taken to keep it dry. It does not need to be charged or cleansed as it has the ability to actually cleanse other crystals. 


Selenite corresponds with the crown chakra and the Moon. It is linked to the star sign of Taurus and the element air. It also corresponds with the sabbaths, Imbolc and Ostara in the Pagan Wheel of the year. 

A Selenite heart placed on a dark wood

Properties of Selenite

  • Cleansing stone
  • Calming
  • Brings inner peace
  • Quietens the mind
  • Grounding
  • Helps you maintain focus

Magickal uses

  • Place other crystals on top of Selenite or in a Selenite bowl and leave overnight to Cleanse them. 
  • Place a piece of Selenite in each corner of your home to keep the energy flowing and positive. 
  • Use during meditation to clear the mind and put you in a calm open state for receiving messages. 
  • Make wands by using a Selenite wand as the base and then attaching other crystals with glue or wire.
  • Use a selenite wand to direct energy in magick
  • Use for moon magick or rituals. 

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