• Four small examples of the Litha art on a pale yellow background
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    Litha art and altar

    In this post, I show you the free Litha art that I made for displaying on your altar. I also share my 2021 Litha altar too! Free Litha Art If you pop over to my freebie library, you can grab yourself a free copy of the Litha art that I put together. There are four to choose from and I have put them onto single sheets so that you can just print what you need to save ink and paper.  You could mount them onto card so that they stand upright, or add them to a frame. They will be a beautiful addition to your Litha altar. If you use…

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    Litha magick

    In this post, I have searched the internet to find you the 10 best Litha magick spells and rituals for all your Litha celebrations. For more posts about Litha check out my dedicated page, here.  Litha Magick Midsummer sun ritual Learn Religion has a lovely simple candle ritual that is for a group but can be adapted for solo practitioners.  A solstice ritual Sage Goddess has a powerful visualising ritual for the summer solstice which can be done alone or in a group.  Litha charm for success Jess Carlson has a fantastic charm bag spell for using the sun’s energy at Litha to aid in manifesting success for the rest…

  • Examples of Litha activities, a bonfire, a person meditating, the sunrise, a BBQ and a watering can over some sunflowers
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    Litha activities

    Litha, also known as the summer solstice, will be on June 20th, 2021. Unless you live in the southern hemisphere in which case you will be celebrating the winter solstice. This post contains 18 Litha activities to help you plan your Litha celebrations.  Litha activities Watch the sunrise Litha is all about the sun as it is the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. Watching the sun rise or set is a fantastic way to celebrate. Make sun water Making sun water is the same as moon water, just charge your water in the sun. Sun water can be used for lots of things such as adding…

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    Litha correspondence

    This post offers a comprehensive guide to Litha correspondence. Looking at colour, crystals, herbs, food, and spell work. It will have you covered for all things Litha so you can be prepared for your celebrations. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here.  Litha correspondence Colours Gold – Gold represents the sun which is in full force on Litha. In candle magick, it also represents wealth, prosperity, and confidence.  Green – Green represents nature, fertility, prosperity, health, wealth, and abundance.  Orange – Orange is a combination of red and yellow. The yellow brings warmth and mental clarity, while the…

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    What is Litha

    Litha is one of the Pagan holidays celebrated on the wheel of the year. It is also known as the summer solstice or midsummer. In this post, we look at the history of Litha, the symbols of the holiday, and how that relates to our celebrations today.  The history of Litha Litha is all about celebrating the sun for its warmth and all it has given us over the last few months. The summer solstice is the shortest night of the year. From this night the sun sets a little earlier each night until we reach the winter solstice when the longest night of the year occurs. People celebrated Litha…