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    Imbolc Magick

    Here we have the best Imbolc magick spells and rituals on the web all rounded up for your convenience. Those that are specifically for Imbolc are listed first and then spells and rituals that relate to the Imbolc theme of creativity, cleansing and fertility will follow.  Imbolc magick spells and rituals Purification bath The lovely Beth over at Cauldron and Brew has a recipe for an Imbolc purification bath that looks great. You will need a few different essential oils and some Epsom salts so if you do not already have these things, you will need to go shopping before Imbolc. This looks like a lovely relaxing way to celebrate…

  • Wheel of the year

    Mabon correspondence

    In this post, we explore Mabon correspondence so you have all of the information for your celebrations and spell work. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here.  Colours Browns – Brown represents grounding, balance, the home, animals, and stability. Oranges – Orange is a combination of red and yellow. The yellow brings warmth and mental clarity, while the red brings intensity and power. Therefore, orange is very much linked to justice, ambition, and creativity Greens – Green represents nature, fertility, prosperity, health, wealth, and abundance. Reds – Red represents strength, courage, and passion. It is linked with the…