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    Samhain art and altar

    In this Samhain art and altar post, I show my altar for 2021 and list what I have used for inspiration. I also have some altar art for Samhain that is free for you to download and print to use at home for your altar too should you so wish. Please note that there may be affiliate links in this post. For more information, please click here.  My Samhain altar 2021 Samhain altar contents 2 Black taper candles in an old glass candle jar and a glass candle holder A green taper candle in an old glass candle jar A purple spell candle in a pentagram holder A white tealight…

  • The words Samhain Magick in orange on a black background with a crystal ball outline to the left, a broom above, and a pentagram to the right
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    Samhain magick

    In this post, we have searched the web for the best Samhain magick spells and rituals so that you can pick what best suits you this Samhain.  Table of Contents Samhain magick Ancestor summoning spell.  The witch of Lupine Hollow has a really easy ancestor summoning spell for Samhain. You just need a black candle and then salt, pictures of ancestors that you would like to connect with, tarot cards,  and yew branches are optional extras.  To get rid of unwanted habits Tina over at Magickal spot has some Samhain spells and rituals and one of them is all about getting rid of unwanted habits. You only need a cauldron…

  • Samhain activities - Tarot cards, pumpkin pie, a grave stone, a cup with magick symbols on, someone meditating and a potion bottle
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    Samhain activities

    This post gives you 14 different Samhain activities so you can plan your perfect celebration. Please note that the post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here.  14 Samhain activities  Bake with pumpkins  So it is pumpkin season after all! Why not do some seasonal cooking. You could make some pumpkin soup or a pumpkin pie. Last year I made my first pumpkin pie and it was a lot of fun and tasty too! I used fresh pumpkin but you can even get it in a tin to save time.  Make soul cakes  Have you heard of soul cakes? These are what were…

  • Six items that are Samhain correspondence
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    Samhain correspondence

    In this post, we are looking at Correspondence for Samhain. Samhain is one of the eight Pagan celebrations on the wheel of the year. This post covers corresponding colours, crystals, herbs, food, animals and spell work. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here.  Samhain correspondence Colours  Black is a colour of protection and safety. It is good for banishing spells, removing hexes or cruses and unblocking emotions.  Orange is a combination of red and yellow. The yellow brings warmth and mental clarity, while the red brings intensity and power. Therefore, orange is very much linked to justice, ambition,…

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    What does Samhain mean for witches?

    This post looks at the Pagan holiday Samhain. Exploring where the holiday originated, the links to modern Halloween, and what Samhain means for witches today. It finishes with a look at the symbols of Samhain.  What is Samhain? Samhain is an ancient festival that was originally celebrated by the Celts. Samhain is believed by some to be a Gaelic word that translates to ‘summer’s end’. It is one of the eight sabbaths that make up the wheel of the year which is a Pagan calendar of celebrations. It normally falls between October 30th to November 1st each year. Samhain is the final harvest festival of the three that occur every…