• Examples of Litha activities, a bonfire, a person meditating, the sunrise, a BBQ and a watering can over some sunflowers
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    Litha activities

    Litha, also known as the summer solstice, will be on June 20th, 2021. Unless you live in the southern hemisphere in which case you will be celebrating the winter solstice. This post contains 18 Litha activities to help you plan your Litha celebrations.  Litha activities Watch the sunrise Litha is all about the sun as it is the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. Watching the sun rise or set is a fantastic way to celebrate. Make sun water Making sun water is the same as moon water, just charge your water in the sun. Sun water can be used for lots of things such as adding…

  • Wheel of the year

    What is Litha

    Litha is one of the Pagan holidays celebrated on the wheel of the year. It is also known as the summer solstice or midsummer. In this post, we look at the history of Litha, the symbols of the holiday, and how that relates to our celebrations today.  The history of Litha Litha is all about celebrating the sun for its warmth and all it has given us over the last few months. The summer solstice is the shortest night of the year. From this night the sun sets a little earlier each night until we reach the winter solstice when the longest night of the year occurs. People celebrated Litha…