Wheel of the year with Wiccan symbols
Wheel of the year

What is the wheel of the year

The wheel of the year is a calendar of eight celebrations that is followed by most Wiccans and Pagans. I say most as one of the most freeing ideas of Wicca is the ability to choose your own path without judgement. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here.   As I am based in the UK the dates which I refer to are in line with the Northern hemisphere. If you are in the Southern hemisphere then the sabbaths are reversed.

So how does it work?

The wheel is split into eight equal parts. Each part represents a ‘sabbath’, which means celebration. Each Sabbath ties into changing seasons and harvests. Following the wheel allows you to realign and reconnect with nature. 

The idea of the wheel is significant. It symbolises the ever turning planet earth and the continuous journey around the sun. It is based on different traditions and celebrations which were observed in the pre-Christian era. 

The wheel of the year
This is my interpretation of the wheel of the year.

Personally, I find the wheel of the year a wonderful way to ensure that I make time to spellcraft, honour my beliefs and have fun! Modern life can certainly get busy! Therefore, following the wheel of the year gives me some structure to my magick. I plan to share lots of ideas to inspire ways that you can use the wheel of the year and celebrate each of the eight sabbaths too. 

The eight sabbaths

Celebrating the sabbaths is of course optional. You may not identify as Wiccan or Pagan but if you like the idea of joining in with the celebrations then you are of course welcome to. Equally, you may identify as Wiccan but not want to take part in these celebrations. As I said at the beginning of this post, one of the best things about Wicca is the ability to make your own choices. 

Each Sabbath has its own history and meaning. There are certain colours, herbs and spells which are associated with each sabbath. You can make your own traditions and rituals for each sabbath to really make it your own. If you have a book of shadows you can record the things which you want to remember for each Sabbath. This is normally referred to as correspondence. 

So for example, in my book of shadows, I have a page for each of the sabbaths. It details associated colours, crystals, herbs, incense, food, and activities. I also have notes on altar decor and tarot spreads as well. 

More information

I hope that I have given you a good basic explanation of what the wheel of the year is. I have added some recommended books. These would be useful if you would like to delve in and gain a greater understanding. 

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