Ostara symbols such as eggs, flowers and pastels
Wheel of the year

What is Ostara?

This short post looks at what is Ostara, in terms of history, symbols, and how it relates to us today. 

Ostara is one of the eight sabbaths which make up the wheel of the year. It normally occurs around March 20th and is also known as the March/spring/vernal equinox. Ostara is one of only two days a year where there is exactly the same amount of light and darkness in a 24 hour period. 

The history of Ostara

The spring equinox has been celebrated by many in some shape or form all over the world. From a Pagan perspective, it is thought that the Anglo Saxons worshipped Eostre. Taken from the Germanic goddess who was named Ostara. She was the goddess of spring and flowers.

There is a story of Ostara finding an injured bird who was dying. She wanted to save the bird so she turned it into a hare to save its life. The hare looked like a hare but was still able to lay eggs as it would have done as a bird. The hare would paint the eggs and give them to Ostara to show thanks for being saved. 

What can we take from Ostara in today’s world? 

Ostara has a few main themes which we can focus on in today’s world. The first is balance. With the spring equinox being a time that we have exactly the same amount of day and night, you can see why a theme of balance would be important. The second is that of fertility. It is spring and the flowers are blooming and the animals are reproducing. The earth is awaking from the cold dark winter and new life is clearly visible. 

Close-up of Rabbit on Field, hare, Ostara symbol, Easter
Is the Ostara hare the original Easter bunny?

Symbols of Ostara


Eggs are a symbol of new life and fertility. They are also a symbol of balance and transformation. 


The hare as mentioned earlier has links to Ostara from the stories of the Goddess. Hares and bunnies are also very much linked to fertility as we all know that they are keen on reproduction! 

Daffodils and other spring flowers

Daffodils are strongly associated with Ostara due to them blooming around the same time as the spring equinox each year. They are associated with love, abundance, and good luck. Spring flowers in general are associated with Ostara as they symbolise spring and new life.

Photo of Yellow Flowers, daffodils, spring
Sunny daffodils are a beautiful sign that spring has sprung!

I hope that you enjoyed this little insight into Ostara. Check back next week for a comprehensive guide on Ostara correspondence. 

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