Wheel of the year with Wiccan symbols

Wheel of the Year

This is where you will find links to all of the posts which talk about what the wheel of the year is and why it is important.

The wheel of the year is made up of eight sabbaths. For more detailed information about the wheel of the year, check out this blog post here


The wheel of the year starts with Yule. Yule is normally celebrated from December 21st to January 1st with the winter solstice falling on December 21st. For all things Yule, check out the dedicated page, Yule


Imbolc is celebrated February 1st – 2nd. 


Ostara is also known as the spring equinox and is celebrated on March 20th. 


Beltane is usually celebrated from April 30th – May 1st.


Litha is also known as the summer solstice. It is celebrated June 21st-22nd.


Lughnasadh is also known as Lammas. It is celebrated July 31st – August 1st.


Mabon is also known as the autumn equinox and is celebrated September 21st – 23rd.


Finally, we finish the year with Samhain celebrated October 31st – November 1st.

Then the wheel turns and we start all over again!

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