Countdown to Lughnasadh 2022!


This is where you will find links to all of the Lughnasadh themed content that is on this site. Please check back often as new content is always being created. 

What is Lughnasadh? A short post that explains the history of Lughnasadh and how that relates to us today.

Lughnasadh correspondence – A comprehensive guide to Lughnasadh correspondence. 

Lughnasadh activities

Lughnasadh magick

Lughnasadh art and altar

A4 colour guide book about Lughnasadh

For a fantastic Lughnasadh, why not take a look at the Lughnasadh guide book in PDF or print form. It contains everything you need for a brilliant celebration, including spells, moon ritual, craft, journal prompts, correspondence, and more!

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