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Yule activities

Yule is the first sabbath on the wheel of the year. This post contains ideas for Yule activities to inspire you to celebrate each year. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here. 

Yule Activities

Bake cakes and cookies

Using Yule-related spices such as ginger and cinnamon you can bake all sorts of seasonal goods. Dried fruits and nuts are also related to Yule so you could also bake mince pies and fruit cakes too. You could even add some intent with your baking and perform some kitchen magick. 

Make a wreath

Making your own wreath can be much cheaper than buying one, especially if you use items you find in the forest (which have naturally been torn down). Use twigs to make a frame and then decorate with holly and pinecones which are associated with yule. 

Pine, Cone, Wreath, Christmas, Decoration, Holiday, Yule activity
Making your own wreath can be a lot of fun and if you have children you could get them involved too

Decorate your altar

If you have an altar or place that you use to do your magick then you could decorate it for Yule. You can use Yule coloured candles, Yule plants, Yule crystals, and any other items which you find appropriate for Yule and have meaning to you. 


Meditation is always a good way to focus your mind, connect with the earth, and channel your inner divination skills. A simple YouTube search has lots of guided Yule meditations to choose from which are perfect for Yule activities. 

Watch the sunrise

Winter solstice is the longest night of the year and many like to watch the sunrise after the longest night of darkness in the year. 


Yule is a great time to do some reflecting. Spend some time thinking about what you would like to achieve this year and make plans for the year. Perhaps you would like to work on one of your skills such as tarot reading or maybe you want to make time for more spell work. 


Handmade gifts are lovely for Yule gifting and many people choose to do this on the winter solstice to keep it separate from Christmas day gifting.

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Make witch balls

Witch balls date back to the witch trials era. They would be hung in windows to keep witches away! Ironically, they are now hung in windows by witches to keep negative energies away. They are glass spheres that can be decorated and sometimes contain herbs, crystals, and other talismans. 

Decorate a Yule tree

Just as people decorate their Christmas trees, you can decorate a tree for Yule. Traditionally, they should be real trees and be brought inside. However, you could always decorate a tree in your garden if you do not want to cut one down. 

Make natural tree decorations

Using natural items, you can make an array of decorations to hang on your Yule tree. A great Yule activity that can be done alone, with friends or with family. 

Feast with friends and family

As with most Pagan celebrations, feasting with family and friends is a lovely way to celebrate Yule. As it is a time of festivities for many religions, it is great for those who do not want their families to know that they are Wiccan or a witch. Eat, drink, and be merry!

Christmas Dinner, Buffet, Fest, Christmas
Family, friends, and food always go down well!

Drink Wassail

Wassail is the traditional drink for Yule. It is basically mulled apple cider

Kiss under the mistletoe!

Kissing under the mistletoe is something that people normally associate with Christmas. However, it actually predates Christmas and is in fact a Yule tradition. 

Choose a word for the year

This is actually something that I had been doing for a few years before returning to Wicca. You decide on a word that you will keep in your mind for the whole year. How you decide, is up to you. Some people like to meditate until the word comes to them, others reflect on the past year and then think about what would be most helpful for the coming year. 

Burn a yule log

The Yule log was traditionally burned for 12 days and nights, from the winter solstice to January 1st. The idea was that burning the log would keep evil spirits away and the house would be protected for the whole of the year. Now people often decorate a log and burn candles to represent the burning of the yule log. Alternatively, you could also bake a Yule log cake instead. 

Make a yule candle

Make a candle for Yule that is packed with Yule herbs, plants, and scents. It could be used in a ritual or spell work to add to the strength of your intent. 

Candle, Candlelight, Light, Flame, Burn, Advent, Yule
Making a candle display is another great Yule activity!

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and that this list of 16 Yule activities has inspired you to celebrate this Yule! Below is a quick reference guide to the activities. For more Yule information check out my dedicated Yule page

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Quick reference guide
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