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Yule correspondence

Here you will find Yule correspondence, which are lists of things that are associated with Yule in terms of witchcraft. This post covers colours, herbs, incense, crystals, food, animals and spell work. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here. Most people keep things like Yule correspondence in their book of shadows, but it is entirely up to you. 


  • Red – Represents the Holly King. It is also the colour of poinsettias which are a traditional yule decoration. In candle magick, red represents strength, courage and passion. 
  • Green – Represents the Oak King. It is also the colour of evergreen trees which are decorated for Yule. In candle magick, green represents money, health and growth. 
  • White – Represents purity. It gives hope for the new year. In candle magick, it represents divination, healing and innocence. 
  • Silver – Represents the moon. In candle magick, it represents intuition, dreams and removing negativity. 
  • Gold – Represents the sun. In candle magick, it also represents wealth, prosperity, and confidence. 



Associated with purifying negative energy, enhancing memory and concentration and promoting love/lust. Additionally, sleeping with rosemary under your pillow is said to prevent nightmares too. 


Cinnamon is great for most types of spell work as it boosts personal and spiritual power, making spells more successful. It is also associated with healing, success, strength, love, luck, protection and prosperity.


Myrrh is a resin that is great for cleansing and purification. It also works well with other herbs to break hexes or heal the sick. 


Part of the evergreen family of trees, pine is associated with prosperity and protection. Being an evergreen, it also symbolises eternal life. 

Photography of Green Pine Tree, yule tree


Oak is associated with endurance and victory. It also symbolises the oak king from the pagan story of the oak king defeating the holly king, on or around the winter solstice. 


Nutmeg is often used in good luck spells as it is associated with health, money, and luck. 


Ginger is associated with personal energy, prosperity, and love. It can also be used in spell work to speed up the results of the spell. Another great use for ginger is that it is said that drinking ginger in tea can fight fatigue. 


Clove is associated with empathy, protection, healing, and memory. It is also used as an aphrodisiac. 


Mint is associated with money, travel, love, healing, and dreams. The type of mint can add more effect to the spell, depending on the intent. For example; peppermint is better for travel spells whereas spearmint is better for healing and dream spell work. However, any type of mint can be used for the above spell work.  

List of yule correspondence with symbols such as mint leaves and ginger root
Quick reference guide to Yule correspondence


Snowflake obsidian

The snowflake obsidian helps to calm the mind. It helps with feelings of loss and regret and helps restore balance. It can also release negative energy and change unhealthy patterns. 


Ruby can improve motivation and the practice of setting realistic goals. It encourages laughter, happiness, and passion for life. It promotes positive dreams and aids the removal of negative energies from your path.

Snow quartz

Also known as milky quartz. It is associated with wisdom, support, and clarity. It helps you to learn and let go of things that overwhelm you. When used in meditation it is said to promote a deeper spiritual link. As with clear quartz, it has healing properties and can be programmed. 


Garnet is associated with energy, creativity, and eliminating negative energy. It is said to inspire you and help you reach your goals. It is also said to alleviate depression. 


Bloodstone is also known as heliotrope. Bloodstone is associated with new beginnings, living in the here and now, and resilience.  Bloodstone is a grounding stone. 


Hot chocolate may not be a traditional Yule drink but it is perfect for warming up after being outside in the colder weather. A more traditional drink would be Wassail which is mulled cider. Gingerbread is perfect for doing kitchen magick and can be made into decorations as well as cookies to eat. Roasted meat is traditional for Yule feasting. Nuts and dried fruit are also traditional and can be used for fruit cakes and mince pies. 



The stag or male deer has a long, deep connection with Paganism and Wicca. The stag represents transformation as their horns grow, fall off, and then grow back. The stag is also a symbol of the hunt.


In Celtic mythology, the bear would often be called upon at the winter solstice to give safety during the darker months. The Bear was thought to symbolise guidance and protection so bear claws would often be used for talismans.

Brown Bear close up of head. Yule correspondence.


The Celts have a lot of associations between their deities and horses. For example, Deities like Epona and Macha have manifested as horses protecting the earth and the people living on it. Therefore, the Celt’s associated horses with being messengers between the humans and the spirits. In a practical sense, horses have been helpers to humans for hundreds of years, helping with travel, construction, and farming. When dreaming of a horse, you can see what you should be doing by what the horse is doing. For example, if the horse is standing still then you should take a moment to contemplate your options before moving forward. However, if the horse is running then it can mean that you should move forward with your plans full steam ahead as all will work out in your favour.


The Robin is one of only a few birds that can endure the harshness of winter so they are a symbol of endurance. They also symbolise new beginnings and happiness. They are fierce protectors of their families, so they are often associated with good parenting, caring, and nurturing. It is said to dream of a robin is a sign of good luck and that new positive transitions will be coming your way.


The celts often associated ravens as messengers of the deities, doing their work. Ravens often symbolise battles and the ability to fight for oneself. Dreaming of ravens can symbolise that changes are on there way.


The squirrel is a natural hard worker who plans ahead by stocking up in the summer so that they have enough in the winter. It is also a very playful animal symbolising balance. When dreaming of squirrels, if they are sitting on top of a large pile of nuts it can mean that you have been hoarding something that you do not need and you need to work on letting it go. If the squirrel is gathering nuts it can mean that abundance is on its way to you. If the squirrel is talking to you then you should work on your communication skills.

Spell work


The winter months are a time for self-reflection. Keeping warm and cosy inside in the cold dark evenings. Even though Yule is welcoming back the sun it will still take time for the nights to shorten, so make the most of this time for some quiet reflection about your goals and dreams for the year ahead. 

New beginnings

Yule is the perfect time for spells about new beginnings. Perhaps you would like to make new friends or meet a new love! This is the perfect time for such spell work. 

Spreading love and cheer

Witchcraft should include some spells that benefit others and not just ourselves so Yule is the perfect time to do that. Think about magick that could give luck or happiness to friends and family or perhaps some magick to help reduce pollution for the planet which would benefit everyone. 

Christmas, Advent, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Sticks, Fruits
Above all, have a Happy Yule!

I hope that you have found this Yule correspondence guide useful. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. For more Yule information check out my dedicated Yule page

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