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Yule magick

This post lists information on the best spells and rituals for Yule that could be found on the web. Perfect for all your Yule magick! 

Yule specific spells

The Witchy stuff has a spell bottle for Yule positivity. I love spell jars and this looks like a nice easy one for new witches.

Magical recipes online have a wishing spell that draws on the power of the evergreens.  This spell looks quite complicated so probably better for witches who are more experienced. It looks at manifesting your greatest wish for the year ahead. 

The witch of Lupin Hollow has a fire and ice renewal spell which looks really good. Using both fire and ice you are setting your intentions for the new year, whether you need your energy renewed, health, finances, or whatever you feel needs to be renewed. 

More religious Yule magick

Learn religion has a whole section on Wicca. While searching there I found a ritual for honouring Yule that may be of interest to those that are following a more religious path. 

Learn religion also has a Yule ritual to welcome back the sun which involves candles and feasting! They also suggest doing this ritual on Yule morning and then feasting with a big family breakfast which I think is a fantastic idea and one that I will probably be doing myself!

sunrise over a lake
Watching the sunrise is a traditional Yule activity to welcome back the sun

New beginnings

As Yule magick is about new beginnings, I thought that spells involving new beginnings would also be great for Yule too. 

The Crafty Witch has a simple spell for new friendship. For those of us who find it difficult to make new friends, this could be a very useful spell. 

Explore Wicca has a spell for finding a new job and one that you will actually want! In today’s job market, that could be a very useful spell indeed. 

A spell to help you find a new home and bring good luck to your house hunting is also great for Yule as a new beginning. 

If you are looking for love this coming year, Samantha Mars has a spell to find new love. It looks really simple too which is great for new witches. 

Whatever magick you choose, enjoy it!

I hope that this round-up of Yule magick has been useful to you. Let me know in the comments if you plan to do any of the spells this Yule. For more Yule posts, check out my dedicated Yule page

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